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01/01/21: New Year's Eve and Day
Sue and I just had a low key New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Current Picture
Sue got an early start making her special lasagna for our New Year's Eve dinner.

New Year's Eve Day, Sue and I took Beau and met up with Steve and Cathy up on Birch Hill in New Durham. When we got back home, Sue got all the prep work done on her lasagna dinner, and we spent the rest of the day just relaxing.

New Year's Day, we were off again on another hike, this time up Sheepboro Road. Dinner was wonderful pot roast leftovers with a bottle of Robert Mondavi Chardonnay. It had been a long day, and so it was a relatively early shutdown for the evening.

01/03/20: Carol Passes
After so many years suffering from the effects of a lifetime of smoking, Current Picture Sue's 84 year old aunt Carol passed away Sunday 01/03/21 in her sleep after being admitted to the hospital for phenomena.

Sue had always been close to Carol, and we had gone up many times to either just visit with her, or get her to doctor appointments. Up until a couple of years ago, Carol had been actively working on genealogical research on her family.

In fact, based on that research Sue and I headed out on Saturday 08/13/16 for an 8 day vacation and genealogical research project to Nova Scotia. Our guide for that trip was a huge and intricate family tree diagram Carol had created.

When Sue found out that Carol was a descendant of the landing of the Mayflower, she got the paper work together and paid for Carol's membership in the Mayflower Society, which she was so proud of.

We'll miss her a lot.

Current Picture
Carol indicating she was enjoying the ride we took her on.

The picture was taken on Sunday 09/20/20 when Sue and I took Carol on another foliage driving adventure through the mountains.

01/04/20: First Trading Day of the New Year
Monday January 4 I was back on the boards at my first day of trading in the New Year.

Current Picture

Chuck snapped this picture of me on his tv while watching my YouTube channel video, First FOREX Trades Of The New Year. That video is actually the 64th one I've recorded since starting the channel early last year. It was a busy year for sure.

01/06/20: Late Arrival Christmas Present!
Somehow in all of the mess of holiday postal deliveries, Chuck's Christmas present to us just arrived: Rose Family 2020: A Connection, and we couldn't have been more tickled to receive it!

Current Picture

In it is a compilation of pictures of all of us over the past year. Thanks so much for the time and effort it took to put this great memory together!

01/10/20: Just a Relaxing Sunday
Sue and I just had a relaxing Sunday to wind down from a busy week.

Current Picture
Pork Chops With Apple and Arugula

The highlight of the day was a special dinner we fixed: Pork chops with apple and arugula. What a great time we had fixing that. We did it in a rosemary, shallot and wine sauce over basil infused rice, and a side of sauteed carrots and shallots in a balsamic vinegar and garlic reduction sauce complemented with a nice bottle of Chardonnay while we listened to Neil Young's classic Old Man. Just doesn't get much better than that!

01/16/20: Sleet and Rain Storm Sweeps Over the Mountain
Though it snowed about a half inch during the night, we woke up to sleet and rain pelting against the side of the house driven by an angry wind.

But that didn't stop Sue from taking The Beau Dog out for his walk. I caught this picture of them heading for the car, with Sue proclaiming something about, "I'll hurt you if you post that!" Too good of a shot to worry about that....

Current Picture
Sue and The Beau Dog heading off in the storm for a walk in the woods.

01/19/20: Sunday Dinner Party For Two
Sunday 01/19/24 Sue and I had a wonderful day relaxing, and then working together while sipping a smooth bottle of Cabernet to prepare baked barbecue chicken with potato and mixed vegetables for dinner.

Current Picture
Sue caught this wonderful picture out of the kitchen window of sunrise through the trees.

Current Picture
We're very fortunate to be able to share a wonderful dinner, a bottle of wine, and a great fire going in the wood stove to take the chill out of the air.

01/24/20: Sunday Dinner Party For Two
After a relatively busy week of both of us doing "stuff", Sunday 01/24/21 I got an early fire going in the wood stove. The wind had been howling through the trees for a couple of days now, causing the temperature to dive to a blustery 9 degrees.

After popping a bottle of white bordeaux to have with some snacks Sue had prepared, we settled into the living room listening to music, and playing too many sets of backgammon to the point both of us were exhausted, though I ended up 9 down for the series, so I was the more worse off for it all.

For dinner I fixed Pan Roasted Chicken With Rosemary, Garlic, and White Wine from Marcella Hazan's classic Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking which Sue had given me for Christmas. I served that over a bed of parsley and thyme brown rice, and man was that good!

Current Picture
Pan Roasted Chicken With Rosemary, Garlic, and White Wine

Current Picture
Chuck sent this picture of him and Denise using our dinner gift card Christmas present to them.

01/28/20: Birthday Outing For Graham
Chuck sent me this picture of the family out for dinner pre-celebrating Grahams's birthday.

Current Picture
Graham, Denise, Braden, and Chuck

01/29/21: Barking At The Wolf Moon
There's a story as well as a few of Sue's great pictures behind me barking at the full Wolf Moon....

Current Picture
Me barking at the full Wolf Moon

01/31/21: Getting Ready For A Nor'easter
We had a Nor'easter barreling down on us Sunday 01/31/21, and so we just had to fix a meal to match it!

And, man — did it come out great! Pork chops and sage cooked in plumb tomatoes and butter with a side of oregano steamed asparagus over a bed of brown rice.

Current Picture
Everything cooking away, and it won't be long....

Current Picture
It was as great tasting as it looks!

02/02/21: Snowshoeing in a Nor'easter
So, Sue took The Beau Dog and me for a 2 mile snowshoeing trek through about 8 inches of snow off trail through the woods behind the house just as the Nor'easter was blowing itself out.

Current Picture
Sue and The Beau Dog lead the way out into the woods.

02/04/21: Hike Out to Rail Trail Waterfall
Thursday morning 02/04/21 Sue and I took Beau out for a walk to the waterfall along a branch of the local Rail Trail.

Current Picture
Massive frozen waterfall.

Current Picture
Great hand placed stone foundation for water wheel.

Though we could see the small streams flowing under the snow and ice, the waterfall itself was a massive, frozen icicle.

02/06/21: Cold and Snowy Saturday Beef Stew Dinner
First thing Saturday morning Saturday morning 02/06/21 Sue was at it cutting up vegetables, potatoes, beef, and all the other ingredients for a hearty winter beef stew for dinner.

Current Picture

Great New England winter evening for such a hearty meal and a little wine!

02/07/21: Snowshoeing on a Stormy Sunday
Sue and I went snowshoeing on a stormy Sunday out through the woods behind the house with Beau leaping through the drifts.

Current Picture
Heading out into the woods

02/09/21: Snowshoeing In Another Winter Storm
With a winter storm blowing down on us Tuesday 02/09/21, Sue took this picture of the house as we headed off into the woods to do some off the path snowshoeing with The Beau Dog.

Current Picture
Wood stove roaring during winter snow storm.

Current Picture
The Beau Dog up to his shoulders in the deep snow.

02/14/21: Relaxing Valentines Day
It was a pretty chilly Valentines Day Sunday 02/14/21, and so we had the wood stove going all day.

Current Picture

The height of the day was working together to fix a special dinner that we enjoyed with a wonderful bottle of wine.

02/17/21: Frosty Morning After Snow Storm
After sleeting and snowing all day Tuesday, we got up Wednesday morning to a bright and sunny, but frosty winterscape which Sue captured through the kitchen window.

Current Picture

Current Picture

02/21/21: Stormy Sunday Dinner Party For 2
Sue and I had a wonderful stormy Sunday dinner party for 2 02/21/21.

Current Picture
Dinner prep in full swing.

It had been a rough few days with bitter cold, and then a heavy sleet storm left a half inch of ice everywhere. And then it snowed again!

But that didn't interfere with getting our meal going!

02/28/21: Windy And Cold Days
Despite having a wonderful Dinner Party For Two, Sunday began a series of days with high winds and plunging temperatures.

Current Picture
Sue braving the wind and cold getting to work on her 'Snow Mia' sculpture.

03/03/21: Sue's New Ride
Wednesday 03/03/21 I drove Sue down to Exeter Subaru to pick up her new ride: a 2017 Subaru Impreza. Really nice car with only 46,000 miles.

Current Picture

03/07/21: Sunday Dinner Celebration
For our Sunday dinner, I made a special Chicken Bechamel for Sue. I served it over parsley infused pasta with asparagus sauteed in herbs and butter, and all was just wonderful.

Current Picture
Wood stove took the chill out of the air from the hard winter wind blowing against the side of the houe.

Current Picture
Warming ourselves by the wood stove before getting into some late afternoon backgammon.

Current Picture
Starting to serve up dinner.

The meal was not only to celebrate our 03/08/13 engagement, but also the first time we had a Bechamel sauce, which was during our Belfast, ME Trip 04/18/14.

03/12/21: Maybe Spring Is Starting? Maybe?

Current Picture
Friday 03/12: Just in the last couple of days has at least 4 inches of snow melted away, but in some places we've lost 6. Spring must be close!

Current Picture
Saturday 03/13: Waiting in line to get our first COVID-19 vaccination shot.

Current Picture
Sunday 03/14: Sue and I took Beau for a walk in woods out behind the house, I fixed sauteed scallops in a fresh ginger root, cilantro, and rosemary sauce, and capped off the night with the 2020 cute true story, Penguin Bloom, for our movie of the night.

03/15/21: And So The Furnace Goes Out For Some Reason
Monday morning 03/15/21, we woke up to a pretty cold house. The temperature had dropped into single digits overnight, and the 35 mph winds had brought that down below zero. Of course: just a perfect time for that to happen, right? Right.

So, of COURSE, with the wind chill at 0 the furnace goes out during the night. Got up and pressed reset and it comes back on but not really staying on and not really heating the baseboards up enough to get the temp up to the called for temp on the thermostat. So, I called the oil company, and the service guy is on the way.

And to compound things, sue has doctor appointment this morning, so she was out early with beau. I get a sort of breathless call from her that beau spotted bunch of Turkey's, and took off after them through the woods. She's been calling for him, and afraid that his travels could put him out on a road. So, she needs me to come help try to find him. Fortunately as I was walking through the woods calling for him, sue called and said he had returned. Little shit.....

To compensate for all of these mini disasters, we decided that dinner should then be Taco Monday!

Current Picture

03/17/21: Happy St. Patrick's Day From The Mountain!
With all that's going on in the world right now, Sue and I just had a quiet day celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

Current Picture
Mia all decked out for St. Patrick's Day!

Current Picture
Our St. Patrick's Day celebration was a ham dinner that I made up a brown sugar, ground cloves, deli mustard, thyme, and port wine glaze for, and Sue fixed some potatoes. Simple, and in the spirit of things.

03/21/21: Spring Melt Walk Along Mad River
Sunday 03/21/21 Sue took Beau and me for a nice walk along the dirt road running parallel to Mad River. The river was just churning around its many bends, and was so nice to hear.

Current Picture
Beau leading the way ahead for Sue.

Current Picture
The Mad River churning around still ice crusted bankings.

It's just short of a mile to the bridge, but it took what seemed forever because of the ice on the road. There were areas where the snow had melted, but many where the ice was really slippery. Sue had her tracks on, but I didn't as I had figured the ice would have cleared by now. It hadn't, and the going was pretty tough for much of the hike.

We turned around at the bridge, and headed back. Not far, there's a trail off the road that we took, and hiked up to the first ridge. Sue showed me a snowmobile trail that runs along the ridge which goes back to our starting point. We could catch glimpses of the river as we walked, but could hear the rushing of the water all the time. There were some icy patches, but not as many as down on the road.

03/22/21: Short Vacation Break For Chuck and Denise
Chuck sent the following picture of them just after arriving in Longboat Key, Florida for a few days of respite from the harsh Illinois winter.

Current Picture

03/23/21: Spring Starting To Spring

Current Picture

Current Picture

03/24/21: First Contact
Sunday 03/24/2019 I got Chuck's email, and it's been quite the experience since!

Current Picture
Denise, Sue, Me, and Chuck during his first visit out 04/25/19 having dinner at the waterfront in Portsmouth, NH.

03/25/21: Spring Still Springing!

Current Picture

03/26/21: Spring Springing In The Fog....

Current Picture

03/28/21: Just 1 small patch of snow left!

Current Picture

In preparation for Easter, Sue wanted to try to paint Easter Eggs in a traditional Slovenian manner.

Current Picture
Slovenian Easter Eggs Patterned With Onion Skins

She took several red onions, peeled off the outer skin layer, and cooked them in boiling water to form the dye. The technique is to then wrap the eggs in pine branches, or other small leaves, wrap it in a paper towel, and then secure it all somehow together.

It was the securing part that we just didn't have down because the next step was to cook the eggs in the dye. Well, we'll give it another try again at some point because we know what not to do now!

04/01/21: April Fools Day Snow Dusting
We woke up Thursday morning 04/01/21 to an April Fools Day snow dusting! Yup. April First....

Current Picture
April Fools Day Snow Dusting

04/02/21: Beau Chases Bobcat
Not impressed with The Beau Dog today.

Sue was outside with Beau when she — and of course Beau — saw a bobcat dash out of the woods off the side of the house, and leap over the berm and into the woods across the road.

Beau took off on full tilt in hot pursuit.

I could hear Sue yelling for him to come back, but obviously he wasn't interested in that as he had the chase on his devious little cranium. He finally came back, but that was a close call for The Beau Dog....

As punishment, Beau didn't get any of our Friday Night Pizza! Of course, he's only a doggggg, and didn't grasp the connection between not getting some pizza with the bobcat chase, but he still wasn't getting any pizza!

Current Picture
Friday night pizza!

04/04/21: Easter
Sue and I took Beau for an 04/04/21 Easter morning walk along the Mad River. Beautiful day, though chilly as temps had dropped into the upper 30s during the night.

Current Picture
Still snow on top of Mt. Washington Easter Sunday!

04/10/21: A Winter Recap
It's been quite the winter up her on our little mountain, and so I thought I'd provide a quick look back at this past season.....

Current Picture
12/05/20 First Nor'easter of the season.

Current Picture
04/10/21 Spring Hath Sprung!

04/11/21: What Would A Raccoon And Bottle of Bordeaux Have In Common?
As Sue was on the way out the door this Sunday morning 04/11/21 she poked her head back in the door. She called out that a raccoon had got caught in a trap I had set for a porcupine that Beau had almost had an encounter with.

Current Picture
A very pissed off raccoon.

While she was gone, I went out with heavy wood gloves to deal with him. Raccoons only come around looking for easy food, and will then wander off somewhere else, and are otherwise good neighbors. But if they get cornered, they can be extremely nasty, so I was going to have to be very careful with him.

I held the cage as far from me as I could while I walked back in the woods with the raccoon snarling at me the whole time as he tried to thrash his way out of the cage. I tried to explain the situation to him, but he was totally pissed off. And he stayed pissed off as he charged out of the cage and into the woods when I carefully opened the trap door.

Yeah, you just don't want to mess with a pissed off raccoon....

I had fixed up a nice baked ham for dinner, and when we sat down to eat we toasted him with an inexpensive Bordeaux that I had bought - which actually went quite nicely with the ham.

Current Picture
A little bordeaux with dinner.

04/14/21: First Pizza Of The Season Around The Fire Pit
We had such a nice visit Wednesday 04/14/21 with Colin and Swayzie sitting around the fire pit for the first time, enjoying pizza and a couple of beers

Current Picture
First pizza of the season around the fire pit

But as the sun started to drop to the horizon, the air became so chilly that we all decided to retreat inside. If they would have been able to stay later, I would have probably got a fire going in the wood stove, it was that chilly.

04/16/21: Late Spring Snow
Wow! Friday April 16th we woke up to several inches of wet, heavy snow that had fallen overnight.

Current Picture
9:00am Friday morning snow.

It continued to snow lightly all day, leaving about 4 inches on the ground and in the woods all around us. If the temperature had been just a little lower, it probably would have been 6 or 8 inches.

04/17/21: Mia Comes For An Overnight Visit!
Sue, Beau, and I picked up Mia for an overnight visit Saturday morning 04/17/21.

Current Picture
Sue getting Mia into her warm hiking gear.

We had told Marissa to get Mia bundled up for a walk in the snow and cold, but once we got down to the bottom of our little mountain the ground was bare of snow, and just soaked from a cold rain. But Mia would need that gear for the walk out to the waterfall on the rail trail we had told her we'd go on before heading for home.

We had a wonderful overnight visit with her, and look forward to many more.

04/20/21: New Surround Sound System Installed
Tuesday 04/20/21 was an exciting event: The Geek Squad came out to set up our new surround sound system, and it's a wonderful thing.

Current Picture
Getting the system set up.

Current Picture

Current Picture
Top Gun in 4k, 5.1 surround with the volume UP!

I'm glad I had it installed as I would not have been able to figure any of that out without an extreme amount of frustration. Rachel and Ben of the local Geek Squad made short work of it, and left us with a great system.

To celebrate, the movie of the night was the classic 1986 Tom Cruise action masterpiece, Top Gun turned up very, very loud, of course!

04/22/21: Late April Snow Squall
Winter just doesn't want to go away peacefully from our little mountain! We woke up to light snow showers that turned into a very brief, but pretty snow squall.

Current Picture
Late April Snow Squall

04/24/21: Wood Delivered
Spring is a great time to get next year's wood delivered, and so I called Nate last week. He swung by today with 3 cords, dropped, and stacked it for me. And what a work of art his stacking was!

Current Picture

Current Picture

It was just cut today, and so will season there until not this coming October, but the following. I have 3 cords he delivered before that will be used this year.

04/26/21: The Beau Dog Gets Buff
After taking The Beau Dog to the groomer to get a shampoo and trim for the summer, we headed off for a day trip up into the Ossipee lakes area, and a visit with Sue's brother, Alan.

Current Picture
The buff Beau Dog sits tall in the saddle.

04/30/21: Friday Night and Homemade Pizza!
We haven't done a homemade pizza in a long, long time, and so when Sue mentioned it: it was like of course let's do that!

Current Picture
Homemade pizza and a glass of wine. It really just doesn't get much better than that!

With great care and excitement, I helped Sue make up a pizza with sweet Italian sausage, pizza sauce, mixed cheeses, parsley, and her homemade zucchini pickles. That and some nice wine was all we needed for the perfect night.

Welllll, actually, it did get just a teeny-tiny-bittty-bit better.... She hadn't seen the 2016 movie, London Has Fallen, and so we did that with our new Yamaha 5.1 Dolby surround sound system up appropriately!

05/02/21: Busy Sunday
Sunday 05/02/21 was forecast to hit 69, and even though it was still below 50 from overnight, Sue and I took our breakfasts out onto the screen porch as the start to what would be a busy Sunday 05/02/21 for us.

Current Picture
First breakfast of the season on the screen porch.

05/03/21: Tick check!
At the end of the day, Sue takes Beau out onto the screen porch, and tells him, "Tick check!" And down he goes onto the floor, rolls onto his side, and sticks his paws into the air. He loves it.

Current Picture
Tick check!

05/05/21: Out To La Corona For A Cinco de Mayo Lunch!
Sue had a margarita on the brain, and so we went out to a local Mexican restaurant, La Corona, for lunch to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, which I understand is celebrated more here in the U.S. than it is in Mexico....

Current Picture

05/06/21: Spring Yard Clean Up
It had been a pretty brutal winter with lots of branches broken and down. Nick from A Sharper Image Landscape came over Thursday 05/06/21 for a spring yard clean up.

Current Picture
Spring Yard Clean Up

05/08/21: Mia Comes For A Sleepover!
Saturday morning 05/08/21 Sue and I drove down to Dover to pick up Mia for a sleepover.

Current Picture
Gramps and Mia waiting for Sue to finish taking a picture of the waterfalls along the Rail Trail.

We thought we'd give Marissa a break before Mother's Day to relax with Gary and maybe go out Saturday evening. We had a great visit with her!

05/11/21: First Grass Cut of the Season!
Nick from A Sharper Image Landscape swung by mid afternoon Tuesday 05/11/21 to do our first grass cut of the season as it was getting just a little long....

Current Picture
First Grass Cut of the Season!

05/13/21: Overnight Snowfall On Mt. Washington
Sue got this terrific picture of a snow capped Mt. Washington. And it's the middle of May....

Current Picture
View of the snowfall from last night on Mt. Washington.

05/14/21: Sue's Favorite Past Time — Diggin' In The Dirt
Sue has been chomping at the bit to get out into her gardens to dig in the dirt, and took the beautiful weather today to do just that!

Current Picture
Wheelbarrow loaded and ready for action.

Current Picture
Sue on the move.

Current Picture
Tough work though with all of the stooping over every plant.... or so says The Beau Dog

05/15/21: Chuck And Family Visit
We had a marvelous week long visit with Chuck, Denise, and Graham starting 05/15/21 through 05/23.

Current Picture

05/20/21: Relaxing In The Yard
It was such a nice day Thursday 05/20/21 that I took my current book, Jane Austin's Sense And Sensibility, and headed outside to enjoy reading in the warmth of the sun.

Current Picture
Enjoying the day outside reading Jane Austin's Sense And Sensibility.

05/24/21: Kayaking Brindle Pond and Seeing Chuck Off
Chuck put his trip back home off a day, and so was able to come up for a couple of hours Monday afternoon. That worked out perfectly as we had planned to kayak Brindle Pond with Steve and Cathy late morning.

Current Picture
Sue managing the launch process.

Current Picture
What a perfect day!

Current Picture
Sue totally in her element!

Current Picture
Chuck took this picture of us waving good-by as he pulled the car out of the driveway.

Current Picture
RDGS — Retired And Don't Give A Shit

05/26/21: Overdue Mowing!
Because of the recent rain, the grass just sprang up all over the place - some patches were 6 inches! Nick was amazed when he came to cut it, and suggested I go from every other week to once a week until things calmed down!

Current Picture
Nick getting it done!

Current Picture
Famous Snow Depth Chair

05/27/21: Roof Replacement
The crew from Armor Metal Roofing showed up early Friday morning 05/27/21 to pull all of the shingles off our roof, and replace it with a new standing seam metal roof.

Current Picture
It didn't take long for the crew to get the drop tarps hung, and to start stripping off the shingles as Glenn, the owner of Armor Metal Roofing, checks the site at 8:50 am.

05/29/21: Memorial Day Weekend
Sue and I had a nice quiet Memorial Day Weekend. Friday evening we were invited up to Butch and Jen's new house for a cook out — slabs of meat on the grill with beer. Can't get much better than that!

Current Picture
Sue really scrambled to get this picture when the sky lit up as the sun began to drop below the horizon!

As you'll see from the pictures on the linked page, sunset was spectacular.

06/05/21: Mia's Lacrosse Game
Sue and I were finally able to get to one of Mia's Lacrosse Games, which actually was the last one of the season.

Current Picture
Mia on the move!

06/07/21: Afternoon At The Ocean
Late Monday morning 06/07/21 Sue and I headed off for an afternoon at the ocean.

Current Picture
Sue foraging for 'stuff' along the shore at Bass Beach

06/09/21: Marissa Birthday Dinner Out
To celebrate Marissa's birthday, Sue and I met up with her, Gary, and Mia at an English style pub in Dover for dinner, and some fun playing keno.

Current Picture
Marissa showing me how to play keno.

Current Picture
Gary ran tickets all evening for us.

Current Picture
Another spectacular sunset as we headed for home.

06/10/21: Mia's Kindergarten Graduation
Sue and I were so excited to watch Mia's Kindergarten Graduation Thursday afternoon 06/10/21.

Current Picture
Proud parents Marissa, and Gary with Mia.

06/06/21: Sunday Fun
It was just a really relaxing Sunday. The weather was really nice, though on the warm side. But I did spend quite awhile reading outside, with just the faintest of cooling breezes around me.

Current Picture
And we have large swaths of clover springing up around the yard again this year.

Current Picture
You can just barley see the brook through all of the vegetation that's grown up.

Current Picture
Marvelous Sunday dinner of ground Italian sausage, black trumpet mushrooms (which Sue had picked wild while on one of her walks), onions, and fresh ginger root over a bed of rice and side of steamed broccoli.

06/08/21: Stocking Up On Welmoed Chenin Blanc
Soooooo... awhile back I had stumbled onto a clearance sale of a South African Welmoed Chenin Blanc, and had bought several bottles as they were really inexpensive. Sue and I both thought it was a nice, smooth wine; nothing special or great, but just a nice wine.

And so the next week when we went back to the store we saw that the price had been reduced, and so we bought several more bottles. Terrific!

But then several days later Sue had to stop into the store to pick some things up, and not only were there some bottles left, but the price had been reduced again!

She said, "...it must be a sign," scooped up the last of them, and so we now have a dozen bottles racked and ready.

Current Picture
Our stash of Welmoed Chenin Blanc

06/10/21: Pine Mountain Hike
I had to drop my car off at the shop to have the muffler pipe replaced, and so Sue and The Beau Dog followed me down in her car so we could continue on for a hike up Pine Mountain.

Current Picture
Yeah, that muffler needs some love...

Current Picture
Beautiful day at the top of Pine Mountain — not windy, cold, or hot; just right!

06/12/21: Mia Visit!
Late Saturday afternoon 06/12/21, I met Marissa in Rochester, and scooped up Mia for a 2 day visit!

Current Picture
Mia helping Sue make the naan bread pizzas we were having for dinner.

06/15/21: A Rainbow And Sunset
Just a few great pictures Sue got of a rainbow and sunset....

Current Picture

06/16/21: Birthday Celebration
Sue had asked what I wanted to do for my birthday celebration, and I said that I'd like to have a nice dinner out at Shibley's At The Pier in Alton Bay.

Current Picture

Earlier in the day, Sue took me strawberry picking at Butternut Farm. It was a beautiful day, not too hot, and with just a touch of a nice breeze. Couldn't have been any nicer. And, we picked 5 containers of some of the best strawberries I think we've ever had from there.

Colin and Swayzie swung by the house around 4:30 before we all headed over to Shibley's at 5:30 to meet up with Marissa and Gary. We all had just the best time.

06/19/21: Gail Visits
Saturday 06/19/21 Sue's great friend Gail came for an overnight visit.

Current Picture

06/20/21: Father's Day
The kid's had given me a large package of specialty meats from a local restaurant and deli, and I asked them over Sunday the 20th for a Father's Day cook out.

Current Picture

06/23/21: Kayaking On The Salmon Falls River
Sue and I got a late start Wednesday 06/23/21 to go kayaking on the Salmon Falls River in Berwick, ME. I couldn't find a couple of my ratchet straps. I had one, and some other tie down gear, but once we got going we just didn't like it. So, we stopped at a local hardware store, and bought a set, re-did everything, and were on the water around 1:30pm for a late lunch.

Current Picture
Passing old railroad bridge

Current Picture
Bridge crossing into Berwick, ME.