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01/01/22: Happy New Year!
Despite the cold weather, we had a relaxing New Years Day inside just enjoying the warmth of the fire going in the wood stove.

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New Years Day was foggy and cold.

01/11/22: Lucas Returns To LA
The weather has been so bad that Lucas had to extend his trip home twice now. Though still really cold - like below zero cold, Sue and I drove him down to Boston's Logan airport Tuesday afternoon 01/11/22.

Later that night, Sue got a text from him when he arrived home later than night. In the text, he attached the following screen shot of his cell phone showing the weather app still tuned into New Durham weather with a temp of —5 degrees. He quickly changed that display to LA!

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01/14/22: Friday Night Before The Storm
Friday evening 01/14/22, we relaxed into the evening with Beau laying in front of the wood stove as we were all prepared for what would turn out to be a pretty solid snow storm. We got probably just under 8 inches.

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01/15/22: Early Morning Photography Adventure To The Ocean
On a bitterly cold 01/15/22 Saturday morning, Sue took me for an early morning photography adventure to the ocean.

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Because of the extreme temperature changes we've had recently — with many in the below zero range — Sue knew that sunrise over the ocean would present the opportunity to photograph the rare occurrence of dense sea smoke.

01/22/22: Day With Mia
While Sue took The Beau Dog for a quick walk in the woods behind the house, I drove down to Dover to pick Mia up for the day.

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Great form!

They had a great day together: 2 trips outside to sled and snowboard, an inside painting project, lunch, and walking Beau out back again before we drove her back home.

01/23/22: Relaxing Sunday Dinner Party For 2
Sunday 01/23/22 was just a nice relaxing day. My focus was on trying a new chicken piccata recipe for a Sunday Dinner Party For 2.

It was great fun, and came out super. I fixed it with sage steamed asparagus complemented with a bottle of a sort of Beaujolais that paired nicely.

01/26/22: Gail Visits
Our friend Gail came for an overnight visit Wednesday 01/26/22.

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Sue and Gail helping with the dinner prep work....

01/29/22: Huge Nor'easter
Friday night 01/28/22 through Saturday night we got hit with a huge Nor'easter that just buried us up here on the mountain.

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Snow came down at times 2 inches an hour with the wind at 25 mph causing whiteout conditions and pushing the temperature well below zero. We just stayed inside by the wood stove enjoying it from the warmth inside.

02/02/22: Celebrating 250 Subscribers
Sue and I drove over to Concord, NH to do some shopping at one of the stores. But the real reason was to celebrate reaching 250 subscribers to my Longwood Currency Trading YouTube channel. After shopping, we drove over to The Olive Garden, and had a marvelous, and filling, lunch and glass of wine. Well... I had a glass of wine, but Sue opted for a more exotic mix.

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Beau got left behind, and he was some pissed off about that!

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A toast to the 250 loyal folks interested in what I have to say.

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Sue's celebratory mix.

Subscriber growth is slow because I don't do any social media hyping, or anything; it's all just folks that stumble onto it, like it, and subscribe. We celebrated my 100th subscriber 07/22/21. At that time I had posted my 122nd video, and now I have 177 videos posted. It's been fun!

02/06/22: Mia To Players Ring
Sunday morning 02/06/22 Sue and I took Mia to see the play 'The Mouse and the Lion' at the Player's Ring community theater in the South End in Portsmouth, NH.

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What a great time that was, and a really nicely done play.

02/10/22: Gail Overnight Visit
Gail drove over so she and Sue could go looking for something she needed down in the Portsmouth area. When they got back and warmed up by the wood stove, we all went into the kitchen to whip up the evening's dinner: a marvelous roasted garlic and rosemary chicken with vegetables and bottle of Cabernet!

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Is this fun, or what!

02/12/22: Winding Up For A Blizzard
We started preparing Saturday 02/12/22 for what would be a major storm event on the following Sunday, the 19th.

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Saturday: 02/12/22: Chipping away at 4 inches of ice from the last storm so the upcoming storm doesn't make things even worse.

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Saturday: 02/12/22: Progress

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Monday: 02/14/22: Quick snow squalls as a harbinger of what's to come....

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Sunday: 02/19/22: Over a day of whiteout conditions.

02/13/22: Sunday Dinner Party For 2
To celebrate all the storm prep work from yesterday the 12th, I fixed a wonderful dinner of scallops with sweet cucumber and mango salsa, and side of herb and butter steamed asparagus that we enjoyed with a smooth bottle of Rodney Strong Zinfandel, which was absolutely the nuts....

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To go with the party I picked up this lovely bouquet of flowers for the table that Sue arranged so nicely in one of her vases.

Current Picture
Would have been a nice picture if my phone camera wasn't having issues dispersing direct light all over the place from a crack in the glass by the lens.

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Dinner is served, and it was a lovely party for 2.

02/20/22: Dinner With Steve And Cathy
Sunday evening 02/20/22 Sue and I had our friends Steve and Cathy over for dinner. With everyone so busy, it had been too long since our last get together.

Current Picture
Great dinner; lousy picture because my phone camera has a crack in the glass by the lens that messes with any light source coming in at certain angles.

I fixed a Middle Eastern spiced chicken over Basmati Rice, and for desert: Sue made a really neat sweet potato pie with a cinnamon roll crust. We took care of 2 bottles of Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin, which went really well with the chicken.

02/21/22: Pottery Class With Mia
Monday 02/21/22, Sue and I shared a pottery class with Mia taught by our friend Sarah from Sweet Fern Pottery.

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Sarah checking out Mia's form for her fairy house, which was actually pretty cool the way you did it with the clay.

She and Sue had such a good time this past summer playing with the wheel that Sue had bought for her that I wanted us to share that experience in a professional setting so Mia could see exactly what the whole spectrum of the development of a piece was.

02/23/22: Brook Running Hard
I took this picture of the brook as it has been running really hard with all the snow melt that we've had over the last few days. You can even hear it gurgling inside the house the water is cascading down over the rocks so hard.

Current Picture
Running hard in the snow melt.

02/25/22: Snowshoeing In A Snow Storm
Friday morning 02/25/22 I got all geared up and joined Sue as she headed out the door to walk Beau through the woods out back. The snow was coming down heavily, and without snowshoes it would have been really tough going.

Current Picture
What a great picture of Sue - right in her element!

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Coming down off the lower ridge we could just see our barn through the trees.

Current Picture
What a great picture of the house through the trees and the snow.

Every now and then I'd just stop and listen to the quiet: with only the sound of the snow pelting down through the tree branches.

I so much enjoyed that walk; very reminiscent of the time many years ago that Sue took me snowshoeing for the first time through the woods at Kingman Farm when we were living in Dover. I'll never forget that: it was just one of the best walks I've ever been on.

02/27/22: Sunday Night Dinner For Two
Don't need to say much more than showing a picture of it....

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03/03/22: Walking Beau While Sue Heals Up
Sue took a bad fall yesterday on some black ice, wrenching her back pretty good, and hitting her head on the ice on the way down. So, while she's recovering from all of that, I'll put my snowshoes on and hike back in the woods with Beau to get him out.

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03/06/22: Another Mah-vo-loose Sunday Dinner Party For Two
It was a beautiful snowy day Sunday 03/06/22 when we got up. Sue is still a hurtin' unit from her fall — and probably will be on injured reserve for a couple of weeks — so before I headed out to the store to shop for tonight's Sunday Dinner Party For Two, I took Beau out for some snowshoeing for his (and my) exercise.

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Beau just loves to roll around in the snow no matter how snowy or cold it is. And it was snowing pretty good when we went out, as well as cold: probably only 10 degrees. But you get out in the woods, and you stop... and you just listen to the quietness, the stillness in the crisp air. Magical....

For our Sunday Dinner Party For Two, I had wanted to surprise Sue with something she'd really like. She's been feeling pretty down about her fall and inability to rampage around the planet, and so I hinted around asking her to pick one of the recipes I fanned out for her.

Current Picture
Sunday dinner with a bottle of Edna Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

She chose a Mandarin Orange Chicken spiced with ginger, scallions, and garlic in a nice sesame seed flavored sauce with a side of broccoli. I also wanted to acknowledge our March 8th, 2013 engagement by popping open our last bottle of Chenin Blanc that we both enjoy to have with dinner.

03/09/22: Surprise Snow Storm
It's not uncommon to snow, and sometimes to snow hard, in March up here. And so that's what it did Wednesday 03/09/22.

Current Picture
You can see some of the larger snowflakes in the picture, but it was snowing a lot heavier than the picture shows.

We had some really powerful wind storms rage across the area the last couple of days. One burst hit through one part of town tearing up 4 or 5 power poll lines. So, we had sort of figured that was it for storms for awhile.

But then it started snowing mid afternoon really hard, and kept snowing for several hours, finally tapering off into just flurries.

Current Picture
Early Thursday morning with a very bright sun and temps in the mid 40s already so the snow won't last. But it sure was pretty yesterday.

Probably only about 4 inches, but it was beautiful to sit in the living room with the wood stove warming us, sipping some wine and playing backgammon before dinner - which magically was the rest of the Mandarin Orange Chicken I had fixed Sunday.

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