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I started this website back in the late 1990s as a way for friends to keep up with my activities. The site has expanded since then in many ways beyond the few, simple pages of content I began with. I've met a lot of great folks from all around the world because of this site, and look forward to meeting many more.

The web in general has grown and changed considerably as well. Static personal web sites such as this one have mostly been replaced with interactive blogs, and other online social media and social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

As a senior web based business applications software engineer, I watched all of this development over the years with great interest, seeing what a remarkable change this was for building communicative relationships on a huge scale. When I started this site, not only wasn't that possible, it was unheard of.

But I had, and still have, no interest in broadcasting my activities to the world through these social media venues. Rather, I simply chose to continue with this basic, straight forward format.

The businesses I have, and have had, as referenced here are not social media type entities, anyway. They're simply activities that I engage in. Clients find me either by stumbling onto (er... that would be referred to) this site, word of mouth, or through standard marketing and advertising methods.

This isn't a web blog with interesting things being written about. It's just a way for me to record the ordinary things going on in our lives, as well as a central listing of the other activities I'm engaged in. I enjoy writing, and so this was more of a relaxing escape for me from my busy work life, and now a relaxing enhancement for me in retired life, than it is to provide witty entertainment for casual visitors.

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I'm sorry, but many times I get far behind in creating and posting the detail page and corresponding pictures that go along with an event entry. Bear with me as I try to keep up with these postings....

01/24/20: Sunday Dinner Party For Two
After a relatively busy week of both of us doing "stuff", Sunday 01/24/21 I got an early fire going in the wood stove. The wind had been howling through the trees for a couple of days now, causing the temperature to dive to a blustery 9 degrees.

After popping a bottle of white bordeaux to have with some snacks Sue had prepared, we settled into the living room listening to music, and playing too many sets of backgammon to the point both of us were exhausted, though I ended up 9 down for the series, so I was the more worse off for it all.

For dinner I fixed Pan Roasted Chicken With Rosemary, Garlic, and White Wine from Marcella Hazan's classic Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking which Sue had given me for Christmas. I served that over a bed of parsley and thyme brown rice, and man was that good!

Current Picture
Pan Roasted Chicken With Rosemary, Garlic, and White Wine

Current Picture
Chuck sent this picture of him and Denise using our dinner gift card Christmas present to them.

01/28/20: Birthday Outing For Graham
Chuck sent me this picture of the family out for dinner pre-celebrating Grahams's birthday.

Current Picture
Graham, Denise, Braden, and Chuck

01/29/21: Barking At The Wolf Moon
There's a story as well as a few of Sue's great pictures behind me barking at the full Wolf Moon....

Current Picture
Me barking at the full Wolf Moon

01/31/21: Getting Ready For A Nor'easter
We had a Nor'easter barreling down on us Sunday 01/31/21, and so we just had to fix a meal to match it!

And, man — did it come out great! Pork chops and sage cooked in plumb tomatoes and butter with a side of oregano steamed asparagus over a bed of brown rice.

Current Picture
Everything cooking away, and it won't be long....

Current Picture
It was as great tasting as it looks!

02/02/21: Snowshoeing in a Nor'easter
So, Sue took The Beau Dog and me for a 2 mile snowshoeing trek through about 8 inches of snow off trail through the woods behind the house just as the Nor'easter was blowing itself out.

Current Picture
Sue and The Beau Dog lead the way out into the woods.

02/04/21: Hike Out to Rail Trail Waterfall
Thursday morning 02/04/21 Sue and I took Beau out for a walk to the waterfall along a branch of the local Rail Trail.

Current Picture
Massive frozen waterfall.

Current Picture
Great hand placed stone foundation for water wheel.

Though we could see the small streams flowing under the snow and ice, the waterfall itself was a massive, frozen icicle.

02/06/21: Cold and Snowy Saturday Beef Stew Dinner
First thing Saturday morning Saturday morning 02/06/21 Sue was at it cutting up vegetables, potatoes, beef, and all the other ingredients for a hearty winter beef stew for dinner.

Current Picture

Great New England winter evening for such a hearty meal and a little wine!

02/07/21: Snowshoeing on a Stormy Sunday
Sue and I went snowshoeing on a stormy Sunday out through the woods behind the house with Beau leaping through the drifts.

Current Picture
Heading out into the woods

02/09/21: Snowshoeing In Another Winter Storm
With a winter storm blowing down on us Tuesday 02/09/21, Sue took this picture of the house as we headed off into the woods to do some off the path snowshoeing with The Beau Dog.

Current Picture
Wood stove roaring during winter snow storm.

Current Picture
The Beau Dog up to his shoulders in the deep snow.

02/14/21: Relaxing Valentines Day
It was a pretty chilly Valentines Day Sunday 02/14/21, and so we had the wood stove going all day.

Current Picture

The height of the day was working together to fix a special dinner that we enjoyed with a wonderful bottle of wine.

02/17/21: Frosty Morning After Snow Storm
After sleeting and snowing all day Tuesday, we got up Wednesday morning to a bright and sunny, but frosty winterscape which Sue captured through the kitchen window.

Current Picture

Current Picture

02/21/21: Stormy Sunday Dinner Party For 2
Sue and I had a wonderful stormy Sunday dinner party for 2 02/21/21.

Current Picture
Dinner prep in full swing.

It had been a rough few days with bitter cold, and then a heavy sleet storm left a half inch of ice everywhere. And then it snowed again!

But that didn't interfere with getting our meal going!

02/28/21: Windy And Cold Days
Despite having a wonderful Dinner Party For Two, Sunday began a series of days with high winds and plunging temperatures.

Current Picture
Sue braving the wind and cold getting to work on her 'Snow Mia' sculpture.

03/03/21: Sue's New Ride
Wednesday 03/03/21 I drove Sue down to Exeter Subaru to pick up her new ride: a 2017 Subaru Impreza. Really nice car with only 46,000 miles.

Current Picture

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