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I started this website back in the late 1990s as a way for friends to keep up with my activities. The site has expanded since then in many ways beyond the few, simple pages of content I began with. I've met a lot of great folks from all around the world because of this site, and look forward to meeting many more.

The web in general has grown and changed considerably as well. Static personal web sites such as this one have mostly been replaced with interactive blogs, and other online social media and social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

As a senior web based business applications software engineer, I watched all of this development over the years with great interest, seeing what a remarkable change this was for building communicative relationships on a huge scale. When I started this site, not only wasn't that possible, it was unheard of.

But I had, and still have, no interest in broadcasting my activities to the world through these social media venues. Rather, I simply chose to continue with this basic, straight forward format.

The businesses I have, and have had, as referenced here are not social media type entities, anyway. They're simply activities that I engage in. Clients find me either by stumbling onto (er... that would be referred to) this site, word of mouth, or through standard marketing and advertising methods.

This isn't a web blog with interesting things being written about. It's just a way for me to record the ordinary things going on in our lives, as well as a central listing of the other activities I'm engaged in. I enjoy writing, and so this was more of a relaxing escape for me from my busy work life, and now a relaxing enhancement for me in retired life, than it is to provide witty entertainment for casual visitors.

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I'm sorry, but many times I get far behind in creating and posting the detail page and corresponding pictures that go along with an event entry. Bear with me as I try to keep up with these postings....

09/13/20: Great Sunday Dinner For Two
Just had to make mention of the great Sunday Dinner For Two that I fixed for us 09/13/20: Sweet Sausage with sage and parsley mixed into spaghetti squash with a nice bottle of Apothic Red Winemakers Blend. Yup. That's the way to do it!

09/17/20: Hike Up Blue Job While Driveway Gets Resealed
Thursday 09/17/20 we took a hike Up Blue Job while the driveway got resealed.

Current Picture
From the top of Blue Job to the west you can see the smoky haze from the fires burning all the way back in California.

09/18/20: Deer In The Back Yard
So, Sue and I are sitting out by the fire pit Friday afternoon 09/18/20 just chatting, and sipping a glass of wine when all of a sudden a deer eases out of the woods just down the hill from where we're sitting.

Current Picture

I managed to snap a couple of pictures of it before it scampered up the back hill. It turned to look back at us from Sue's flower garden up by the rock wall. It just stood there until getting spooked by The Beau Dog who had just become aware of the intruder, and was going berserk at the end of his chain.

09/20/20: Driving Aunt Carol
Sunday 09/20/20 Sue and I took Beau up with us to take Sue's 84 year old Aunt Carol on another foliage driving adventure through the mountains.

Current Picture

For this trip, we went up again to the Moultonborough area, but we got there by driving up over Ossipee Mountain Road. What a lovely drive that was. Even The Beau Dog enjoyed it!

09/22/20: Dense Fog Over The New Durham Valley
As Sue and I were headed off for early morning 7:00 am 'senior hours' at the local food store, we stopped on the ridge so Sue could take this great shot of the dense fog that had settled over the valley during the night.

Current Picture

Dense fog over the valley.

09/23/20: Beau To Vet
Beau had been acting very strange for the last few days, but by Wednesday 09/23/20 Sue felt he should go to the vet to get checked.

Just as she was getting ready to head out, a tech from our oil delivery company showed up for an appointment to evaluate some work that we wanted done. So, while I dealt with that, Sue drove Beau over to the vets.

It's a good thing she took him over. The poor guy had a temperature of 105 degrees, and some sort of viral infection, most likely based on an upsurge in a light trace of Lyme that he had been treated for last year. She brought him back with several medications that we have to give him over the course of the next week or so.

By mid afternoon, the weather was so nice and sun bright that we thought we'd take Beau for a short foliage drive. We ended up going over Halls Hill Road. We'd never been on it before, and it was really nice and scenic. But so far, not very much foliage change in this area as yet. We'll probably take a long day trip up around the White Mountains sometime next week as I suspect that area will be going into pretty good color by then.

Oh, and by just Thursday morning, Beau was acting much better. We're hopeful that he'll have a smooth recovery. Actually, we hope it will be a fast recovery as trying to squirt this medication down into his throat. This is an exercise in Wrestle Mania where both Sue and I have to grapple with him, pry his jaw open, and squirt the stuff far enough down his throat that he doesn't spit it out. To say he doesn't like it is a gross understatement...

09/25/20: Autumn Foliage Colors Begin
It seems as though in just the last couple of days the autumn foliage colors up here on the mountain have begun.

Current Picture

Current Picture

09/26/20: Kayaking and Fire Pit Dinner
Well, 09/26/20 Sue and I had a very busy Saturday. We first washed all of the windows, and then got the storms pulled down. After lunch, we met up with Steve and Cathy to do some kayaking, and then headed over to their house for another open fire pit dinner.

Current Picture

Lots of steps in open fire meals, even for a simple beef stew that she was making. But the timing of adding ingredients, and keeping the sauce at the correct thickness is an interesting process when you're at the mercy of an open fire. But everything came out just grand. Great time, and The Beau Dog even got a few pieces of the beef. He was equally impressed.

09/27/20: Sunday Foliage Drive
Sunday 07/27/20 Sue and I took a long looping foliage drive along the western border of Maine up from Acton, ME around the lakes through Newfield, and then dropping back down through East Wakefield, NH.

We started the trip heading east over Route 75 through Farmington, NH to Route 125 north, and into Acton, ME where's Sue's friend Gail used to live. That's such a pretty area. The roads were secondary, and so not busy with traffic.

We then headed south on Route 109 for a short distance before swinging north on Shapleigh Corner Road, around the east side of Mousam Lake, and through Shapleigh, ME. Shapleigh is, again, such a pretty little town, that we enjoyed just wandering along the road.

We took Goose Pond Road off of Shapleigh Corner Road which cuts between Square and Mousam lakes. That led us to Route 110 which we followed until picking up Route 153 in East Wakefield, NH. We stayed on 153 all the way through Middleton, NH, and into Farmington.

Long day, but such fun! We finished the day off with cooking herb sauteed chicken, with spiced squash and tomatoes over linguine boiled in parsley water.

Current Picture
Sue caught this shot of a beautiful Blue Heron as it swooped across the road in front of us and off into the trees.

Current Picture
Great colors in some of the trees, but again, because of the drought conditions, most of the leaves were rapidly going into rusts and light browns.

Current Picture
Ah! A nice bottle of wine, and dinner to cap off the day!

09/28/20: Smokey Haze From California Wild Fires
The sky still had smokey haze to it late afternoon Monday 09/28/20 from the wild fires still raging out west in California.

Current Picture

Current Picture

09/29/20: Foliage Day Drive To North Conway
Tuesday late morning 09/29/20 Sue and I headed off for a relaxing day foliage viewing drive to North Conway. Check out the link as there are some nice pictures showing the state of foliage at the time.

Current Picture
Swift River Bridge, Conway, NH

We started out making a deep arch through southern Maine to see how the foliage was developing there. We drove through Sanford, ME, Alfred, Lyman, and Dayton where we picked up Route 5 through the beautiful small towns of Limerick and Cornish Maine.

From Cornish, we picked up 113 which we took into Fryeburg, ME, and then into Conway for lunch. We drove through town, and then took River Road out to Cathedral Ledge before heading back south along West Side Road.

We followed the more scenic route home through Moultonborough and into Wolfeboro, arriving back at the house around 4:30 - about 7 hours.

09/30/20: Local Area Fall Foliage Explore
Sue and I took just a couple of hours to combine running out for a couple of errands with some local foliage viewing.

Some of our local back roads provide just a wonderful backdrop for the changing colors of the leaves. We can't get enough of it!

One of the places we enjoy stopping at is the small Oxbow Lake in Farmington, NH. It's particularly interesting to us as every time we hike up the back side of Blue Job Mountain, Oxbow Pond glistens up at us from below down along side of a stretch of Meaderboro Road.

Current Picture
Beau following Sue along the bank of Oxbow Pond as she creeps up on a plant or something to take a picture of. But I caught her in my own shot this time!

Part of the outing itself was to go to the liquor store. We had heard that because of the devastating wild fires in California that the Josh Winery had been severely damaged. Because we love the Josh wines, we wanted to lay in a few bottles in case either prices became outrageous, or the winery takes years to recover.

Current Picture
Completing the journey with a quick stop at the liquor store.

10/01/20: Harvest Moon Over The Tree Line
What a spectacular Harvest Moon tonight!

Current Picture

Sue's terrific shot of the Harvest Moon

Current Picture

My attempt...

Followed the next day by a rush of full fall foliage colors splashed across the trees in the back yard where just last night the full Harvest Moon had risen. Wow!

Current Picture

10/04/20: Apple Picking At A Local Farm
Sunday 10/04/20 Sue and I drove over to a local farm to do another round of apple picking.

We had been out to Butternut Farm during Chuck's visit 09/05/20 to do some picking, but Sue wanted to make more apple sauce, pies, and other things, so off we went to get a couple of bags as well as a container of fresh maple syrup.

We both wanted to try one of our local farms, and so we drove down the mountain, across the valley, and up Birch Hill to Miller Farm.

Current Picture
Wood pile at Miller Farm

We were surprised to see a neighbor, Geno, there also picking apples. He and his wife own a small upscale bed and breakfast not far from us.

Current Picture
Me and Geno picking apples.

Sue has been getting fresh eggs from them for quite awhile, but the inn has been so busy that they keep most now for their own use. Geno was stocking up on apples but we had a nice short chat with him.

10/06/20: Foliage Walks At French Preserve, and Hamilton House
Saturday 10/06/20, had a nice day with Beau by taking foliage walks at French Preserve, and Hamilton House.

Current Picture
Sue and Beau leading the way into the woods at French Preserve. It's hunting season, and so both Sue and Beau have their "I'm not an f'n deer!!!" colors on.

We did 2 miles at French Preserve, and then drove over to the Hamilton House in South Berwick, ME as Sue wanted to see if there were any flowers still in bloom in the gardens.

Current Picture
We were surprised to see such color remaining in many of the flowers in the gardens.

10/09/20: Moving Through The Columbus Day Holiday Weekend
With the current COVID-19 situation, we had no real plans for the Columbus Day holiday weekend other than to just get out and appreciate the wonderful October foliage.

Current Picture
Thursday 10/08/20 Mt. Washington had its first snow of the season! We took a special drive up to the ridge Friday 10/09/20 so Sue could get this really spectacular picture.

10/13/20: 3rd Anniversary
Though it had rained all night, the view out back to the woods was just spectacular. A wonderful way to start off our 3rd anniversary celebration.

Current Picture

10/14/20: Fall Views From Library and Kitchen Windows
Just a couple of pictures of what my beautiful view is from out of the library windows. Maybe I'll blow them up and hang prints there when the snow starts to fly....

Current Picture
Library side window.

Current Picture
Library front window.

Current Picture
Kitchen view out to screen house.

Current Picture
Kitchen view to side.

Current Picture
And one spectacular one looking up at the trees in the backyard by the screen house.

10/15/20: Demise of The Tank....
So, according to Dr. Colin Rose, auto mechanic extraordinaire: The Tank has run it's course, and come to its demise. Repairs on such an old car at this point don't make sense when I have the capacity to get something nicer without constant issues. Makes sense....

Current Picture

I've sort of tied my identity to The Tank, and so moving on to another vehicle will be interesting.

Have I mentioned how I absolutely hate car shopping? Yeah, well... I do.

M'be git me one-a dem pick-um-up trucks with-a gun rack in t'back, an' loud pipes like all t'other assholes runnin' their rigs 'round here. M'be... jus' m'be dats jus what Ah'll do fer sure.

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