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I started this website back in the late 1990s as a way for friends to keep up with my activities. The site has expanded since then in many ways beyond the few, simple pages of content I began with. I've met a lot of great folks from all around the world because of this site, and look forward to meeting many more.

The web in general has grown and changed considerably as well. Static personal web sites such as this one have mostly been replaced with interactive blogs, and other online social media and social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

As a senior web based business applications software engineer, I watched all of this development over the years with great interest, seeing what a remarkable change this was for building communicative relationships on a huge scale. When I started this site, not only wasn't that possible, it was unheard of.

But I had, and still have, no interest in broadcasting my activities to the world through these social media venues. Rather, I simply chose to continue with this basic, straight forward format.

The businesses I have, and have had, as referenced here are not social media type entities, anyway. They're simply activities that I engage in. Clients find me either by stumbling onto (er... that would be referred to) this site, word of mouth, or through standard marketing and advertising methods.

This isn't a web blog with interesting things being written about. It's just a way for me to record the ordinary things going on in our lives, as well as a central listing of the other activities I'm engaged in. I enjoy writing, and so this was more of a relaxing escape for me from my busy work life, and now a relaxing enhancement for me in retired life, than it is to provide witty entertainment for casual visitors.

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I'm sorry, but many times I get far behind in creating and posting the detail page and corresponding pictures that go along with an event entry. Bear with me as I try to keep up with these postings....

05/27/22: Memorial Day Weekend
We had a great Memorial Day holiday weekend, with a relaxing day of kayaking on Gilman Pond Sunday the 29th topping off the day with a smooth bottle of 2020 Trivento Reserve Malbec.

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Sue right in her happy place: lost in the tall pond grasses!

06/03/22: Busy Weekend
The weather was perfect, and Sue and I took full advantage of it!

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Sunday, Sue and I went on a casual walk with Beau out to the water falls.

06/04/22: Mia's Final Lacrosse Game
Sue and I drove down to the Dover fields behind the court house to watch Mia play in her final Lacrosse game of the season. She did great, scoring 3 goals!

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Looking for the pass...

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Here she is sweeping in for one of the goals she scored.

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To the victor belongs the spoils!

06/05/22: Colin And Swayzie In Waiting

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Current Picture

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Sue and I headed off Tuesday the 6th for an overnight Kennebunkport, ME art class trip.

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We had wonderful weather for not only the drive up, but also for the entire stay and trip back home. Class was a lot of fun, and we had some really good food and seeing the beautiful Kennebunkport and Arundel areas.

06/11/22: Summer Backgammon On The Screen Porch

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06/12/22: Nancy Over For Dinner
Great weekend here. Sue was out digging in the dirt today after going to a craft class in Hampton yesterday (Saturday) with her friend Gail. They went over to sit on the beach for lunch, after Gail headed out, she took a long walk along the water and recharged her sea-batteries!

Our friend Nancy came over Sunday afternoon for a visit, and took a short walk with Sue and Beau. For dinner, I made scallops in a mango cucumber salsa with herb steamed asparagus and bottle of Josh Sauvignon Blanc.

Current Picture
As they got back from walking Beau, Sue caught this picture of one of the foxes that have been hanging around the house for the last couple of weeks. I think their goal is to agitate The Beau Dog....

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06/14/22: Strawberry Picking At Butternut Farm
As soon as Sue told me that they had opened strawberry picking at Butternut Farm, I was all over that, and off we went before it got too hot out.

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06/16/22: A Great Birthday
What a great birthday I had! Simple, and relaxing. Just right.

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06/18/22: Just A Fun Day

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First we took The Beau Dog for a walk along the Mad River

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And then we drove over to visit Sue's friend Linda at her flower gardens just outside of Concord. We had a nice visit, but because we had headed back home early, Sue thought it would be nice to visit Sanborn Mills Farm to see what it was like at this time of year.

06/20/22: Sunset In Memory of Ronald
We were watching a movie when Sue stood up and looked out the window. She headed for the door saying we needed to catch sunset, and off we went. This turned out to be an amazing picture as you'll note in the below tribute she wrote to her uncle Ronald who had just passed.

Current Picture

Sue wrote the following touching memorial for him based on that picture....

Ron's Sunset

After being dropped on its head so many times my poor phone was not able to capture clearly this phenomenal sunset. There were so many nuances there unlike any I have witnessed. With the flock of sheep just pastured there that very day and the sun rays that seemed to be drawing upward, rather than reaching down... lifting his spirit in beautiful, glorious New Hampshire colors.

In the distance I could hear owls exchanging their own messages. In Ancient Rome, seeing/hearing an owl was associated with funerals and death. Spiritually owls are frequently associated with death and that something is about to end, but that change is coming; change can be very positive and you should prepare for change and embrace it.

There was grace in the last day family spent with Uncle Ronald. A quiet peace that allowed us to show him our love and care while going about the emotional task of allowing him to make the choices he needed to make for himself. To honor him by respecting his choices.

Ron's Sunset was such a privilege and honor to witness! In spite of my inability to capture it, there is always clarity in messages from our higher power if we only watch and listen with our hearts.

One of our favorite visits with Ronald was on Tuesday 01/30/18. Sue's brother Alan had driven Ronald down to have lunch with us. It had been so long since Sue and Ronald had been together that they just chatted for hours.

Current Picture

Sue's Uncle Ronald visits for lunch

It was a particularly special lunch because Sue made a special batch of bread pudding to celebrate Ronald's 84th Birthday. We sat at the table for a long time, exchanging stories and reminiscing over Ronald's experiences and life.

06/21/22: Mia Birthday Overnight
Sue and I had so much fun having a birthday overnight for Mia who turns 7 on the 24th. What a time we had with her, as you'll see from the 29 pictures we took!

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