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Colin Rose
Colin Rose by the water in May of 2002 
Current Picture
Marissa Rose — Chillin' as "Bahama Momma" on the beach at Disney's Castaway Cay, January of 2002 
Chuck Clark
Chuck's sons, Graham and Braden, his wife Denise, and him in December of 2018.

Wellll.... After many years of insisting from both Colin and Marissa that I do away with links to their childhood pictures, I decided in early 2013 to do just that. And that's a good thing. They appear constantly within the context of my general updates on the main site anyway. Life moves forward, but I just couldn't resist displaying both their pictures from 2002 from those pages.

Chuck lives in Illinois, and has a leadership role in a large national physical therapy health care orginazation.

Current Picture

Colin, Chuck, and Marissa during Chuck's first visit 04/26/19.

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