2003 Rose Family Events Archives...
12/25/03: Merry Christmas!!
We had a relaxing family gathering Christmas day. Pat's folks Tom and Bev came down from York, ME and her sister Kathy and husband Nick drove up from Arlington, MA for the day. Though the day was totally fogged in, we hardly noticed from inside. Just a little snow on the ground left after the warmer weather of the last few days; in fact we didn't even light a fire until after dinner. We are all blessed to be aforded the gifts and friendships that we have. We wish well to all.

12/20/03: Linnet's Wings finaly gets wrapped up for Winter!!
2 quick major back to back Nor'easter snow storms caught us without covering Linnet's Wings. We had a break in the weather this last week: the temp went up and it rained hard enough to wash away most of the accumulated snow - up to 14" in some spots! Colin and I jumped into his truck and headed over to Great Bay Marine to take care of business.

12/02/03: First snowfall!!
Was very cold last night - around 29 degrees. Woke up to about a half inch cover of snow. Very pretty but this is just getting started; more to follow for sure! And it's supposed to be a heavy snow winter season. Great. Colin got the snow blower running just last night, though he is unhappy with the overall sound and will be operating on it after school today.

11/25/03: You may know a tv star!!
Yup. You will not believe what happened. I was called by Monster.com - the largest national job board - for a phone screen to see if I would qualify to compete for a spot in an upcoming Monster.com tv commercial to be filmed in New York!

I didn't think anything would come of that phone screen, but they called today and said that I qualified to go to the next step - an interview in downtown Boston Wed 12/3. Now, I wasn't too keen on going to an American Idol type cattle call with 400 other would be tv stars, but turns out that only 25 have made the cut from this region. If you win regionally, they fly you to New York for the final competition. So, maybe I won't be a tv star, but this comes pretty close. Now if I can just figure out how to word this for my technical resume to help me get a real job...

10/30/03: Bailey passes away!
Today is a sad day. Marissa's guinea pig, and best buddy, Bailey passed away today. We have enjoyed Bailey's company for almost 9 years. He was a unique animal, having a real personality that just sparkled when he looked up at you. Marissa burried him out in the yard overlooking the sea grass and river; he would have liked that. We all loved that pig...

10/13/03: Columbus Day lunch by boat!
We talked Colin into acting as ferry captain to take us into Portsmouth for lunch. We parked at the Prescott Park docks and walked downtown to the Stockpot's outside deck. It was a beautiful day and the deck - which sits on a pier right on the Piscataqua River - was really busy; we had to wait about 15 minutes for a table to free up. I doubt we'll see many more days like this! And Colin will be pulling his boat in the next week or so. This is probably it for the season!

10/08/03: Linnet's Wings pulled for Winter!
Colin tagged me in his 18' 110hp Tearin II as I navigated Linnet's Wings from the moorage over to Great Bay Marine for a winter haul out on Friday. Almost made it, too. Problems arose, however, when my engine gave out against a strong outgoing tide just as I was about to clear under the General Sullivan bridge. I spun the boat around and drifted with what appeared to be about a 6 to 7 knot tide. Colin pulled up next to me and grabbed the bowline and towed me the rest of the way. What a way to end the summer...

09/12/03: Rose Family Celebrates Pat's Birthday!
We had a great night out at Bannanna's Bar and Grill resturant in Portsmouth celebrating Pat's birthday. We have always had a great time at Bananas, and so it's become a regular stop! Check out a few pictures...

09/11/03: Peter sets website up for Ming!
Peter set up a website for our friend Neal Whicher of Ming, a 32' catamaran he moors in Pomeroy cove just off our dock. Check it out through this link: http://www.zzrose.com/ming.html. Peter will host the site on his website so Neal doesn't have to get a domain name and go through all of that right now.

08/31/03: Labor Day already!
What happened to the Summer? What Summer: it rained or was damp and foggy up until mid July just about! But Pat's folks Tom and Bev came over and we had a great cookout. Only event of the day was when we were all sitting down on the dock having snacks, the leg of Tom's chair slipped between the decking boards and down he went! Pat grabbed his arm and hung on for dear life but he was slowly sliding off the dock. I tried to help, but my weight just tipped the dock further so I jumped over on the other side an Colin made the final rescue! Only slightly wet around the butt. Great save, Colin!

08/29/03: Ann's wedding rehersal!
As Pat was to sing at her friend Agnes' daughter Ann's wedding Saturday, we went to the rehersal and then to a great dinner at Captain Simions on Pepperell Cove. The wedding the next day was smooth and the reception was at the Portsmouth Sheaton.

08/27/03: Bailey to doctor!
Marissa's guinie pig, Baily turned up some cysts on his leg so we took him to the doctor to have a look. He got some medicine to take for 10 days and then we went back for a re-evaluation. Just one of those things. Will have to monitor the situation. We love that pig...

08/23/03: We are off to visit with Peter's brother Alan and his wife Abbie!
Just a short hop down on Southwest Airlines from Manchester Airport and we were in Baltimore's BWI airport. Abbie picked us up and we were back at their house by around noon - we took an early flight. Pat and Marissa decided to go shopping, so we dropped them off and Alan and Colin and I went about "more manly things" as my brother put it. Then Sunday and Monday, we took the Light Rail commuter train down to Baltimore's Inner Harbor and had a great time. We had been to the Science Museum and Aquairum last trip just a couple of years ago so we spent the time just exploring and walking around. The weather was very nice - this time of year Baltimore can be brutal! Then, Monday night after having dinner at a great Irish pub, Colin somehow caught a moth in his ear. We did everything to get it out. I even used Abbie's turkey baster to see if I could flush it out, but to no avail. So, off to a emergency care facility. Colin got the prize for the most unusual case of the day as they locked the doors behind us just after we got in! Here are a few pictures.

08/12/03: Peter and Pat to see Patsy Cline play!
Pat was able to get tickets to the Ogunquitte Playhouse for the Patsy Cline play so we decided to have dinner at the Clay Hill Farm Tavern. We hadn't been there in years. Very good as we have always found it. And the play featured Sally Stuthers and she was great. A good night out.

08/09/03: We all celebrate Bev's 65th Birthday!
We had a great night out at Bannanna's Bar and Grill resturant in Portsmouth celebrating Pat's mother Bev's 65th birthday. Pat's sister Kathy and her husband Nick came up from Arlington, MA as a surprise. So we were all together for some good cheer, food, and conversation! Before we headed off to Bananna's, we all attended Mass at St. Christopher's in York, ME. After Mass, we went over to Tom and Bev's and took some pictures and started the party. Here are a few pictures.

08/02/03: Pat and Agnes Celebrate Last Mass Together!
Pat's friend Agnes has accompanied her on flute at the 4:00pm Saturday Mass at St. Christopher's Church in York Beach, ME for more years than either of them can remember - over 10 years, anyway. Unfortunately, Agnes' husband John had to take a job in Washington, DC and Aug. 2nd, 2003 was their last mass celebration together. Here are some pictures of the celebration.

07/26/03: We Celebrate Pat's Sister Kathy's 40th Birthday!
Pat's sister Kathy wanted to celebrate her 40th birthday with a dinner party. Fazio's Italian Resturant in York Beach, ME was the place. Our family and a small group of Kathy's closest friends got together for some great conversation and food, as you can see from the pictures taken. After finishing dinner, everyone headed over to Pat's parents house, and the party went on into the late night finishing up around midnight.

07/23/03: Afternoon Cruise Around Boston Harbor!
To celetrate the summer, Pat, Peter, Colin, Marissa, Tom and Bev all took the lunch cruise around Boston Harbor on the Spirit of Boston.

07/19/03: Peter and Colin to Lobster Boat Races!
Peter and Colin were invited by our friend Roger to go up in his 42' Duffy to the Annual Lobster Boat Races in Stonington, ME. We left Saturday July 19th and returned Monday July 22nd. Great 8 hour cruise up the coast; perfect weather. We saw several whales, many dolphins and harbor seals. We were about 10 miles offshore. I was the chef of the evening and cooked up hamburgers and chicken for everyone. Then the fog started rolling in just as one of the other guests, Jack, and I drove the dingy into the Stonington public dock. We wandered around the waterfront part of town for only about 20 minutes because, well... there is nothing there to do. We stopped into a little cafe and grabbed a couple cups of coffee, and headed back to the boat.

When we woke up Sunday morning, visability was only a couple of hundred feet. But the races went on anyway! The scene was spectacular! We moored the Margo close to the finish line among literally hundreds of lobster boats loaded with spectators and partiers! There were dozens of other motor and sail boats as well. And those were just the ones we could see through the fog. It is something to hear a half dozen souped up lobster boats coming at you but not being able to see them until they burst out of the fog bank at 35mph to 48mph depending on the class event! Those boats can move!

The races ended around 3:00pm and we headed off in very dense fog toward Boothbay Harbor where Roger had reserved a dock slip for the night at the beautiful Carousel Marina. It was slow going even with the GPS and radar; we didn't get in until around 8:30pm. We just made to the Carousel's resturant before they closed for the night. We had a great meal to top of a long day.

We left around 11:00am for the trip back. Though the fog had cleared, the seas were 2 - 4 feet and choppy. It was a pretty rough ride all the way back, but particularly so for the long hours we had to spend with the seas coming at us from the port forward quarter; "...beans in a tin can..." as Roger described how we would feel as we left the harbor and that's the way it was all the way home. The last few hours we took the building seas now 3 - 6 feet more on the bow. Spray flew noisly up against the flying bridge's plastic windows 15 feet off the water. It was rough. We got back to Roger's mooring around 6:00pm. Long day holding on tightly to keep from being one of the beans...

07/13/03: Peter Takes First Sail of The Season in Linnet's Wings!
The weather was just so spectecular that I decided to head out to Linnet's Wings to varnish some of the exterior wood. Marissa drove me out to Linnet's Wings mooring in her new Carolina Skiff - Rascal, towing the dingy out so I could get back. But no sooner was I aboard than my friend Neal from Ming - a 32' catamaran he moores in the cove in the summer and sails South for the Winter - rowed over. "Hey!", he shouted. "Was that a sail I saw you bring aboard?" So, he climbed aboard and I discussed my plan to varnish the woodwork. Neal is a traditionlist and flatly stated that the wood should be left to age naturally. "Just let the sun peel off all that old varnish and see how she looks. Nice breeze blowing..." Well, that's all I needed to hear and so it didn't take any time at all to get the jib hanked on and throw off the mooring line. It was a glorious sail up and down the river!

07/12/03: Hello Detroit Plays For Our Neighborhood!
Pat's 10 piece Motown band Hello Detroit played for our neighborhood's 1st Annual Cote Drive Block Party. The day started out a little hazy, but the sky cleared, the tempreture sored, and it was a terrific event. Check out some of the pictures taken

07/08/03: Pat's Hello Detroit Motown Band At York Beach!
It was a great night for Pat's 10 piece Motown band Hello Detroit latest gig: a Summer Concert Short Sands Pavallion, York Beach, ME. It had rained briefly that afternoon and there was fear that the concert would have to be canceled. But the sky cleared and it was a great night. Check out some of the pictures taken

07/02/03: Peter And Pat To See James Taylor!
Peter and Pat returned to Manchester's Verison Center to see James Taylor in concert. We had another great meal at the Black Brimmer American Bar. It was a great concert with 3 call backs with Taylor singing Sweet Baby James for one. Very moving and the crowd went wild. We had seats right on the floor.

06/27/03: Linnet's Wings Is In The Water!
Linnetís Wings is in the water! Only 2 and a half months late. Colin and I were going to get her Friday around 3pm but the weather blocked us once again. A US Weather Advisory Warning was braodcast over the tv around 2:45 for severe thunderstorms for the afternoon. You can read all about it in Linnet's Wings Ship's Log.

06/16/03: Peter Turns, well... older!
Peter decided to have his birthday dinner at the Muddy River resturant in Portsmouth, NH. Ahhhhh... a rack of spicy St. Louis ribs and a couple cold Killian's Irish Red and life is good!

06/09/03: Marissa Turns 14!
Marissa chose to have her 14th birthday dinner at Bugaboo Steak House. More pictures here

06/01/03: New Driveway For Cote Drive Installed!
We were long overdue for a new driveway. We talked to the owner of a company installing one at a neighbors, and they started right in on ours. It was done the next day.

06/07/03: Peter And Pat To See Cher!
Pat was able to get great tickets to see Cher on her "Fairwell Tour" at Manchester's Verison Center. We had a great time, despite the rain! Had a great meal at the Black Brimmer American Bar where we ate when we came over to see Neil Diamond last year.

05/11/03: Colin Builds New Floater Dock For Pat For Mothers Day!
Colin built a new 10' x 10' floater dock all by himself for Pat for a Mother's Day present! Pat has wanted this floater for quite awhile. She envisions herself lounging on it in a comfortable Adorondak chair sipping a glass of wine as the tide laps against the sides. Now she can do it!

05/09/03: Marissa Gets New Boat!
Marissa got the surprise of her life when Colin and Peter drove up in Colin's new truck towing a new boat for Marissa! Last year, she had really gotten into boating and knew just what she wanted: Center console, 14' to 16' Carolina Skiff. And that's just what we found for her over at Bob Young's in Newington, NH! She has named it Rascal.

05/07/03: Colin Gets Wheels!
Colin got the surprise of his life when he got off the bus today and there was the '91 Nissan King Cab truck he had wanted waiting for him with a big red ribbon and balloons flapping in the breeze!

05/03/03: Pat Gets To Sing With The Spectras!
Our neighboor Dale invited our whole neighborhood (as well as half the planet!) to his 50th birthday celebration Saturday May 3rd at the Rollinsford American Legion. He had hired his old friends The Spectras — a famous nationally known band from the 70's and still playing locally. Dale asked Pat if she would sing a couple of songs with them. She was thrilled and of course agreed. You can see some pictures from this event by selecting this link.

04/30/03: Colin Launches Snow Day!
Late start this year (it's already April 309th!!) due to the really bad weather. But Snow Day is in! Actually, Colin launched despite the bad weather as it was a cold foggy day when he did it. He had spent the last week or so painting and cleaning her up. Check it out...

04/05/03: Pat Plays Singing Role of Mary in Easter Play for 10th Year!
Each year for the last 10 years, Pat has played the singing part of Mary in our church's Easter Play, To God Be The Glory. An amazing 2 pictures were taken - select this link to see them, but the page is huge so give it time to load; it is well worth the wait, believe me.

04/04/03: 2 Weeks Check And A Road Map, Again!
Peter went into work on Friday April 4th and at a meeting by the managing director of the company from England, the office was closed down! We were all laid off. Anyone know of any software engineering positions available?

03/21/03: Great Night Out In Boston!
Pat and I met in Boston after work to go to the Abba musical "Mamma Mia" at the Colonial Theater. Pat took the bus down from Portsmouth and then a quick hop on the T from South Station over to Filiens. I drove down from work in Burlington and parked at the Boston Common Garage. I grabbed the Green Line out of the Park Street station and we met up at the Haymarket stop. We walked over to Boston's famous North End and had an outstanding meal at Al Dente. From there, we hopped on the Green Line and came back to the Colonial just off the Boston Common. What a great show! And despite a heavy thick fog when we came out, it was just an hours drive from the parking garage until I pulled into our driveway!

03/13/03: Rose School Visits Miraj!
Pat's 4 piece function and dance band Miraj was playing in town Portsmouth at the Press Room so after karate class, a group of us went over to watch them and have a few beers. Though it was an extreamly snowy and sleet driven night, there was a great turnout. Even Pat's folks showed up for dinner and the first set. Check out a few pictures here.

02/24/03: Family Trip To Universal Studios!
By the start of Febuary, Pat just couldn't stand the cold and snow anymore! She flew into high gear and in no time had us all booked into a weeks vacation in Orlando, Florida. We decided that this time down we would do Universal Studios and Sea World. There was also a great exhibit on the Titanic she found that Marissa in particular loved. But our special gift to the kids was a trip to Discovery Cove where they were able to get into a huge tank and play with a real live dolphin! What an amazing experience that was! We not only took our own pictures but bought a video of the entire half hour "swim with the dolphins". Check it all out on our special Rose Family Vacation To Universal Studios web page.

01/04/03: A New Year's Snow Storm!
The area got hit pretty hard with over 16" of snow! Colin had to do a lot of the shoveling by hand because the snowblower couldn't get it over the huge snow banks.

01/01/03: Pictures From Last Year!
Check out all the neat pictures from late last year showing our trip to Smugglers Notch, VT at Thanksgiving, Christmas 2002, and our trip up to the Samoset Resort in Rockland, ME!

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