Rose Family Stuff - 1999

Kids in Melody Pines Pool Summer '98
This is a shot of Colin and Marissa in the pool at Melody Pines in the summer of 1998.

Pat and the kids
Pat and the kids at the top of Wildcat Mountain Ski Area looking out across toward Tuckerman's Ravine on Mt. Washington in August of 1999.

Gondola to Wildcat
Colin and Marissa riding the Wildcat mountain gondola in August 1999.

HMS Bounty
Colin and Marissa on the Pride 'n Joy visiting the HMS Bounty in Portsmouth harbor.

Marissa water boarding
Marissa being pulled by Colin's boat Pride 'n Joy near our house in August 1999.

Kids in Melody Pines pool
Colin and Marissa relaxing in the pool at Melody Pines, Center Conway, NH August 1999. This will be the "last fling" before school starts next week! Live it up, guys!

The Ming Boat
Here's our friend Neal Whicher August 1999 getting his "Ming" boat ready to head South for the winter. I had just dropped him off after luring him into a long sail in the O'Day. He didn't mind too much...

Pats 40th Birthday
Pat celebrating her 40th!

View of Pomeroy Cove
Sun setting over the Pomeroy Cove in early October before all the boats have left.

Colin Merissa
Colin and Marissa Getting ready to head out on first day of school, Fall 1999

Here's our front door all decked out and ready for 1999 Fall and Halloween!

Picture of house
Here's a shot of the back of our house taken in the Fall of 1999. The leaves have just passed their peak and are beginning to fall to the ground.

Water view
We have a marvelous view from our home. This was taken in October of 1999 after most of the boats in the moorage had been pulled for the Winter.

Dawn Breaks
Dawn breaking across the bay through the fog in the Fall of 1999.

We spent an enjoyable Thanksgiving day up at Pat's folks in York, ME.

4 Generations celebrating Christmas 1999. Bev, Pat, Alice, Kathy, and Marissa.

Kids at Christmass 99
Colin and Marissa wishing everyone a Merrry Christmas 1999.

Disney Cruise
Pat made the letters for the Disney Cruise and we packed each letter separately for the kids to figure out what their Christmas gift was. Didn't take them long!

Dad with Kids
Dad and the kids Christmas 1999.

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