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12/27/02: Off To Samoset Resort!
We decided to head off to the Samoset Resort in Rockland, ME for a few days, though we were back for New Year's Eve. Pat was having problems with her laptop so sent it into the shop for oil and lube or whatever. And since Sprint has no cell service in the area, we were basically out of touch for a few days. Didn't miss it at all; very rustic and enjoyable actually. Check out the family pictures page for some shots.

12/25/02: Merry Christmas!
Pat's folks, Tom and Bev, joined us for what turned out to be a really snowy and stomry Christmas Day. We kept the fire stoked and smiled through it all! Check out the family pictures page for some shots.

11/28/02: Happy Thanksgiving From Smugglers Notch, VT!
We all headed up on Saturday 11/23 to Smugglers Notch, VT over Thanksgiving Week. There had been a major snowstorm Friday night and the trees were covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. The entire area had about 4" of snow when we got there. It snowed a little almost every day adding about an inch or more each day. The kids had a great week climbing part way up Morse Mountian to work on their snowboarding. Even Colin was able to keep his feet pretty much by the end of the week. Marissa was building higher and higher mounds to jump. She did quite well. Check out the family pictures page for some shots. Friday the 29th we had a big storm — you could only see a few hundred feet most of the time. We got about 4" inches alone in that storm. Pat and I braved it and the wind for as long as we could watching the kids come down the hill, but then retreated to the indoor heated pool, its 82 degree temprature, and the 104 degree dual hot tubs. It was nice sitting inside watching the snow beat down through the huge windows. We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Hungry Lion Inn. It was excellent. Another great meal was Friday at the 3 Mountains Inn - what a pretty place inside! All in all, a relaxing getaway.

11/03/02: Colin Pulls Snow Day and Marissa pulls The Wet One Out!
It was a cold Sunday morning when our good neighboor Steve hooked Colin's trailer up to his truck and helped us pull Snow Day out of the water over at the Hilton Park ramp. You just know it's cold and the end of the season when Colin pulls his boat out of the water! Marissa was right behind him pulling her gear out of The Wet One and squaring her stuff away for the year. It's all done now! I cooked burgers on the grill and looked out on the 3 remaining boats out of what had been 24 this year. Snow expected this week...

10/27/02: Linnet's Wings Moved To Great Bay Marine!
Well, despite the good weather, it was time to move Linnet's Wings over to Great Bay Marine. She will be pulled out of the water on Tuesday and stored in the boatyard on jack stands for the winter. Colin follwed Peter over in Snow Day and assisted with the docking, pulled the engine out, and then the two headed back home. Colin returned on Monday by boat to check on her, and then had Pat drive him over on Tuesday to see where she had been placed in the boatyard.

10/27/02: Docks Pulled!
Another successful dock floater pull under clear skies and warm tempreture. Many of Peter's current and former karate students assisted as they have for the last 17 years. Of course, had to have a workout after and toss each other around for awhile!

09/23/02: Peter and Pat See Neil Diamond In Concert!
Peter and Pat went to Manchester, NH to see Neil Diamond in concert at the Verison Center with their friends Debbie and Bob. The event was sold out, 10,000 seats! Diamond still puts on an exciting show and sang some of his best known songs. Great night of fun.

09/08/02: Peter and Colin Do Overnight Cruise in Linnet's Wings!
Peter and Colin finally were able to take a long planned for overnighter in Linnet's Wings. Though a beutiful weekend, there was little real wind but that didn't keep the guys down! It was a great time. You can read all about it in Linnet's Wings Ship's Log.

09/05/02: Peter's Office Takes Spirit Of Boston Lunch Cruise!
Peter's office (SITA Advanced Travel Solutions) took everyone out on The Spirit Of Boston for an afternoon lunch cruise around Boston Harbor.

08/12/02: Family Trip To Berkshires A Success!
None of us had ever been to the Berkshires before, but it sounded like a beautiful place to visit. So, we got a timeshare swap at the Oak 'n Spruce in South Lee, MA, and spent a glorious week. Amazingly, the kids loved touring the restored local mansions and their gardens. But the best part, as always, was just sitting by the pool - although it was really hot the entire week (in the 90's). Strange as it may sound, one of my main objectives was to vist Arrowhead, the home where Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick. Great experience. We had some good meals out, many times with the kids opting to remain behind to eat at the snack bar in the activity center so they could catch the evening's movie. If you go, the Dakata on the Lenox/Pittsfield line is excellent. We also had good meals at the Cork 'N Hearth overlooking Laural Lake, and the quaint redone railroad train station: Sullivan Station. We were disappointed by the food and the offerings at the Red Lion, although all three of their resturants are very pretty. Pat and I wrapped up almost every night at the Red Lion Inn's Den Pub. They had different entertainment every night- all terrific. And one night, John Pousette-Dart himself played. We could have reached out and touched him. Better yet, Pat called out mike adjustments to him; our momentary brush with fame...

08/01/02: Peter's Brother Alan Up For Visit!
We all had a great visit with Peter's brother Alan who came up from Towsen, MD for a few days. We had been down to vist Alan and Abbie last year, and so this year was his turn to come up here. We had great weather — as seen in this family group shot

07/21/02: Pat's Band Miraj Plays At Ellis Park!
Under clear sky and warm ocean breeze, Miraj played to a great crowd at Ellis Park, York Beach, ME.

07/10/02: Peter Finally Goes Sailing With Dan!
The last time Peter and Dan went sailing was in 1993. It's been a long time, but they made it up to Penobscot Bay for almost a week. You can read the whole story here. Here's a shot of Peter at the helm of Destiny, and another of a sunset over Bass Harbor, Mr. Desert Island. A great trip!

07/04/02: 4th of July Celebration!
We all went up for the day to Tom and Bev's in York for a cookout. Marissa braved the cold water and went to the beach for a couple of hours while the rest of us chatted in the yard. Then we all went over to Ellis Park to the Pavalion on York Beach and listened to Pat sing the night away with Hello Detroit. It was a great time and a great day.

06/21/02: Summer Website Colors!
Despite what feels like weeks and weeks of rain, damp, windy, foggy weather, in celebration of the start of Summer 2002 we bring new color to the website! I'm not sure I liked the Spring yellow look, but then I got no complaints...

05/19/02: Marissa Launches The Wet One!
Knowing that Colin was launching Snow Day today, Marissa got The Wet One launched and out in the bay to act as a "crash boat" in the event something went wrong. Well, something did go wrong, and she had to tow him into the dock for repairs. She spent the entire day zooming around Pomeroy Cove! The Wet One needs some work, but it floats and for now — that's all that she needs. We will be doing some repairs and painting over the next couple of weeks. But at least she is on the water!

05/19/02: Colin Launches Snow Day!
With the kind help of our friend Mike Debelis who pulled Snow Day's trailer over to Hilton Park, Colin was finally able to launch today! Here he is pulling up to the dock.

05/11/02: Colin Completes Work On Linnet's Wings!
Colin finished up work on Linnet's Wings by applying a new 2" waterline strip to the hull. Last week, when the weather broke for a few days, he was able to completly paint the bottom of the boat.

04/21/02: Colin Reports For Sea Cadet Training, USCG Station Portsmouth, NH!
Colin reported for a 1 week required Sea Cadet training at the US Coast Guard station, Portsmouth, NH.

04/07/02: Spring Website Color Change!
Well, the weather - though still cool - is still definately heading to Spring like conditions so I thought it only appropriate to go to Spring Colors for the main page here. Didn't like the color combinations from last year so made a change, but I don't know if they go together as well as they should. Any thoughts you can email me at zzrose@yahoo.com

03/13/02: Boating Course Completed!
New Hampshire passed a law requiring all boaters to complete the Boating Safety Course. We all trooped over to the Pease campus of the NH Community College on 3/11 and 3/13 and took the course offered by the NH Marine Patrol. We're all set now!

03/09/02: Pat In Easter Play!
For the 9th year, Pat performed in the lead singing role of Mary in St. Christopher's Easter play, "To God Be The Glory". We all went to see her on Saturday the 9th.

03/03/02: Weekend In North Conway!
We had a great weekend visiting with Pat's folks, Tom and Bev, at their condo in North Conway, NH. We hadn't been up for quite awhile. Bev had bought a video camera and so the kids felt obligated to show her how to work it. There was still about a foot of snow on the ground so the kids got some snowboarding in on a couple of the small hills on the property.

01/24/02: Off To Disney World And Cruise!
We surprised the kids with another trip to Disney World and a cruise on the Disney Wonder - lots of pictures on the 2002 Family Pictures page. Pat made each number of our cabin (7037) into a Christmas ornament and hung them on the tree. The kids then had to put the numbers together into the right sequence to get the package that contained the trip information. What a scramble that was! As we did 2 years ago, we spent 3 days in the park and the 4 on the boat. There are lots of great pictures posted to the 2002 family pictures page. The Wonder stopped at Nassau and Freeport in the Bahamas as well as spending a day at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. Marissa got her hair braided in Nassau and both she and Colin spent the day poking through the some 500 vendor stalls at the Nassau Straw Market; I sat on the waterfront and watched the boats go by. I'm not a "shopper"...

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