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12/26/99: Peter Gets New Car!
Most people return gifts the day after Christmas. Instead, Peter goes out and buys a new 2000 Honda LX Civic at the Honda Barn in Stratham, NH! The 1995 Sable with 123,000 miles was ready for retirement. How much better could it get? Stay tuned: more to come!

12/25/99: Christmas!
It was wonderful to get the family all together for Christmas. The kids gift is a Disney Cruise package! Pat had created and printed up letters spelling "Disney Cruise" and put each one in a separate box for the kids to open. Then they had to figure out what the gift was. But that didn't take them long! Colin kept saying in a stuned voice, "We\'re going on a cruise?"

12/08/99: Book News!
Exciting news! Peter got an email from his book agent indicating that a publisher has expressed interest in seeing the full manuscript. Who knows how this will all come out, but how many people even get to this point? The book, Applied Object Oriented Analysis, Design, and Programming With Java runs 250 pages and is a very practical introduction to these topics for practicing software engineers.

11/26/99: Pages Updated!
I finally got some new shots posted to the Family Stuff pictures page as well as many new shots of Colin at Sea Cadet boot camp this summer. Check it out!

11/25/99: Happy Thanksgiving!
Our family wishes your family a happy Thanksgiving! We spent an enjoyable day up at Pat's folks in York, ME even though it was foggy and drizzled.

11/17/99: NECX Bought By VerticalNet!
The compay that Peter works for, NECX, just announced today that it has been purchased by VerticalNet. Don't know what this implies for everyone, though follow up meetings over the course of the next month will reveal how changes will be implemented.

11/07/99: Fall Dock Pullout Complete!
Well, the summer is over and it's getting a little chilly around here. Time to secure the area for the winter. With the help of some friends, we have successfully completed another pullout of the dock floaters up onto the beach. While we were at it, we also stacked firewood and raked up 20 bags of leaves. Many thanks to those friends who helped. We're ready for Winter now!

10/09/99: Pride 'n Joy Sinks!
It appears that a seam let go in Colin's boat, the Pride 'n Joy, during the night and she went all the way down at the dock. For a picture of the Pride 'n Joy sunk at the dock, click here. For more information on the Pride 'n Joy, click here.

08/10/99: End of Summer Family Vacation!
Marissa, Pat, Peter, and Colin took the gondola to the top of Wildcat Mountain, Jackson, NH. Have a look at the view from the top! It's beautiful.

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