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12/25/00: Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas from the Roses! We had a marvelous family gathering at the house. Here is a picture of 3 generations of the girls. Colin made this apron for Pat in one of his general studies classes! And Peter got the "ok" to get the 23' South Coast Alberg sloop! This is a Christmas Day "reality check" picture- wearing Pat's new light-up Santa cap!

12/14/00: First Snow Storm!
First snow storm of the season 12/14 and Colin, Marissa, and Sheena had the day off from school and were out playing at 7am!

12/13/00: Marissa In School Nutcracker Choir!
Here's Marissa singing in the choir for the Dover Middle School's production of the Nutcracker.

12/09/00: Peter Looking For New Boat!
Going to a little larger sailboat has always been something in the back of Peter's head, but things just never seemed to go together. One day on one of their periodic "trolling for boats" excursions, Colin spotted this 23' Alberg sloop for sale in one of the local boat yards. Ahhhhh, something to dream about. After all, "Everybody's gotta have a dream..."

11/15/00: Peter Takes Over As Site Developer and Webmaster
Peter volunteers to rewrite the website for Colin's Sea Cadet unit and takes on the site's webmaster duties. The site's intent is to provide a resource of information for parents thinking about involving their children in the local Sea Cadet unit.

11/05/00: Docks Pulled Out For Season
It was a perfect day for this years "dock pull"- our 16th!! There was just a hint of a cool nip in the air; very "fallish" in feeling. Again, our deepest thanks to the hearty members of the Rose School of Karate- some of whom drove an hour or more- who helped. It's was a grand event, as always. And so nice to see some old faces as well! And no one fell into the water or mud this year! A first!

08/19/00: Sea Cadet Awards Picnic
Colin's Sea Cadet unit had its annual awards picnic at Bowman Park on the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. They had a "Retirement of the Flag" ceremony with a very moving speech by one of the officers.

07/29/00: Colin Graduates Sea Cadet Boot Camp
Colin successfully completed 2 weeks of Sea Cadet boot camp. He is now a full Sea Cadet, Seaman Apprentice-Temporary. Congratulations, Cadet Rose!

06/19/2000: Vacation To Canada!
We all took off from 6/19 through 6/25 for a driving trip to Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts, about an hour's drive North of Montreal. What a great village it was! We stayed at the Hotel Chateaumont. Not only a nice heated outdoor pool for the kids, but a terrific view of some of the areas ski slopes. The village itself lights up like a Christmass tree at night with all of the buildings decorative lights. We did a day trip up to Mont Tremblant area where we got eaten up by the flys at Lac Monroe. One of the day trips to Montreal we covered Vieux Port- the Old Port of Montreal, and the other day we toured the Olympic Park going up in the leaning tower and visiting the terrific Biodome. 7 hour drive: I need a vacation!

06/17/2000: Colin Gets A New Boat!
Colin's new 15' Corson Snow Day with his old 20hp Mariner engine was delivered on 06/17/00 to replace the Pride 'n Joy. Within a few weeks, however, he and his friend Steven ran out of gas just off shore in the Pomeroy Cove boot moorage! Peter and our neighboor Gus had to go out in his boat to tow them in. Check it all out at the official Snow Day web page!

05/07/2000: First Sail of the Year!
The weather finally broke and provided an excellent opportunity to catch a couple of hours sailing out in the bay. It's been a lonnnnng winter...

04/16/2000: Colin Is Looking For A New Boat!
Colin is on a boat hunt. One day into the official boating season, and Colin can't stand being land-locked. The Pride 'n Joy sank last fall, and so we need either the next step up in boats, or an old hull he can put his 20hp engine onto. Any thoughts? Send Colin an email at cfrrose@yahoo.com.

04/07/2000: Visit From The Baltimore Roses!
Peter's Brother Alan and his Wife Abbie came up for the weekend from their home in Towson, MD (close to Baltimore). Motivation for the visit was to watch Pat perform as Mary in the St. Christopher Easter play To God Be The Glory. This was her 7th year in the role!

03/04/2000: Pat Gets New Job!
Not to be out done with all the changes going on: after 9 years with the Tischler Group, Pat has gone to work with her friend Wanda Syphers at Century 21 Syphers Realty. It is refreshing to see that upon hearing of her new opportunities, almost every one of her clients have stated that they would keep their business with her!

02/02/2000: Disney Cruise!
Well, we had a great time on our Disney Cruise! We spent 3 days at DisneyWorld, and then 4 days aboard the Disney Magic. We stopped in Nassau for a day and then on to Disney's private island, Castaway Cay for a day of snorkling. Here's a shot of the kids relaxing in one of the pools on the Disney Magic. A special thank you to Romeo from the Philippians and Nadage from France who not only took such good care of us during our dining aboard ship, but also for their watchful care over our 10 year old daughter Marissa and 12 year old son Colin who begged us to let them dine on their own with Romeo and Nadage rather than eat pizza (!!!!) with the kids club while Pat and I ate at Palo.

01/15/2000: New Tenant Announced for Congress Street
For those of you former karate student's of Peter's remembering your days of sweat on deck at the Rose School of Karate on Congress Street, we have a new tenant: Joe's New York Pizza has rented the top floor of 124 Congress Street. We have been working with the tenant for the last couple of months and signed a lease in mid December. Problems with the owners of two of the other condo units in the association, however, have held up active completion of the move. They have decided they don't want a resturant in the area despite the commercial nature of the entire downtown area. We are looking forward to a quick resolution to this and getting Joe's up and going! Stay tuned.

01/03/2000: Peter Gets New Job!
A couple of weeks ago, Peter got a new car. Soooo... why not a new job to go with it! He will be Head of Technical Operations for ProfitTools, Inc. in Newmarket, New Hampshire. ProfitTools builds dispatch and operations software for the trucking industry. His first day will be 02/07/2000.

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