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12/26/01: Off To The Samoset!
We thought we'd take a few days and head North to the Samoset Resort in Rockland, ME. Had a relaxing time around the pool with the kids and many nice evenings out to dinner. We found a new place for just Pat and I- Ingrehams. We did the Landings in Rockland. Though the view is great I didn't care for the shrimp scampi- very plain and just dumped in a bowl. We did Cappy's Chowder House for lunch rather than dinner this year, but gee- almost $8 for a hamburger? Come on guys... Grapes was terrific- we always go there. We did the Sea Dog again this year, but were disappointed in the selection. Mostly just sandwiches, though what they did have for "real dinners" was excellent. I had a great Caribbean Chicken and Pat had a very nice, light chicken and broccoli Alfrado.

12/25/01: Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you! Pat's folks, Tom and Bev, and her sister Kathy and husband Nick joined us for Christmas day. We had a marvelous time together. Peter's dinner toast included thoughts for those who perished on September 11 as well as their families and loved ones and for all of our military who are overseas.

12/09/01: First Winter Snow Storm!
Pat caught this terrific picture of Colin braving the first snow storm of the season out at the end of the dock. Colin has refused to pull in the dingy because the weather has been so nice up until now that he has been able to putt around in the cove. He wanted to wait until the last minute to pull it. I think that minute has arrived...

12/03/01: Change To Winter Colors In The Heat!
Well, despite the abnormally warm weather for the last couple of weeks of 50 - 70 degrees (yes, 7-0-degrees), it is time to shift our sites colors to winter tones. But gee: how about a little snow to go with that, eh? We went out Saturday the 1st and got a tree and spent the day Sunday decorating. Colin and Marissa did most of the work, though both are guilty of making off with light sets and other gear for their own room decorations!

11/25/01: Colin Helps Clear the Moorage!
Colin had let his friend Steve keep his boat on his mooring for the last month. Today, Steve came over and they winterized the mooring and then drove his boat up to Wells Harbor to be pulled out for the winter. That's the last boat in the moorage; just the scattered winter mooring floats is all you can see. Another passing of the year.

11/22/01: Happy Thanksgiving!
Our best wishes to all for a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday! So early this year that we will wait until next weekend to pick up our tree. And with the weather being so mild, it just doesn't feel "ready" for a tree: we need some snow around here! After all, this is New England...

11/16/01: Marissa Gets Braces Off!
It's been a long haul, but today (11/16) Marissa's braces come off and then it's just a retainer for awhile!

11/01/01: Peter Holds Annual Karate Retreat!
Peter held his annual retreat for his senior karate black belt disciples this year at the Whitney's Inn in beautiful Jackson, NH. The weather cooperated so that workouts could be held outside on the tennis courts and down by Whitney's mountain stream fed pond. Though the leaves had past their Fall peak colors, the muted hues of oranges, browns, and deep reds was a spectuclar sight against the backdrop of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Late (i.e. very late) night discussions were brightened by a roaring fire in the cottage fireplace with eyes proped up by cups of hot coffee.

10/28/01: Docks Pulled In For Season!
Another mark of the end of the season is pulling our dock floaters in. Our thanks to many of Peter's present and past karate students who participate in this event year after year. It has become quite the tradition! Thanks to all who lend a hand.

10/13/01: Linnet's Wings Retires For Season!
Well, it was a foggy, drizzly "Down'east" day as Colin and Peter motored Linnet's Wings over to Great Bay Marina. She will be pulled out of the water, and put into their yard for the winter. Of course, we were sad to see the end of the season come and Linnet's Wings hauled out for the year. But we'll see her soon- next weekend maybe. We have stuff to get out, cleaning to do. All sorts of stuff. The end of one type of boating season is just the beginning of another type. Each fun in its own way.

10/01/01: Equant Sold to SITA!
The company Peter works for, Equant Application Services, was purchased today by SITA and is now known as SATS: SITA Advanced Travel Solutions.

09/11/01: Attack On America!
Since the recent terrorist attack on America, I think we have all been reflecting on our lives. I read a very moving commentary by Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald written the day after the attack. I posted this article on my C&S Self Defense Association website in the latest issue of our C&S Online web based newsletter. I hope you take the time to read it.

08/23/01: Family Summer Vacation A Success!
We had a terrific time visiting Peter's brother Alan and his wife Abbie in Towson, MD for a few days. We did the tourist thing down at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. In fact, we enjoyed it so much that we went back for a second day! On the second trip, we took a water taxi out to see the Ft. McHenry state park and then to the Baltimore National Aquarium. From there we rented a car and drove to Colonial Williamsburg for a few days. We had a ball at Bush Gardens, as well. And on the drive back, we took a long detour to see the massive ship building yard at Newport News, VA.

07/20/01: First Overnight Cruise on Linnet's Wings!
Colin and Peter took their first overnight cruise on Linnet's Wings. Peter took Friday off so they could leave by noon. After a short stop for lunch at Currants at Great Bay Marine, it was off for a light air sail up Little Bay. They spent the night at anchor off of Adams Point in Great Bay, and then after stopping again at Currants for breakfast Peter got Colin home for a shower so he could get to work at Little Bay Marine.

06/29/01: Peter sells O'Day!
I sold the 18' O'Day yesterday. It was a gut wrenching decision as I'd had that boat for 15 years, but it was time to move on. Dan from Massachusetts bought her so he could take his kids sailing on a lake down there. He had brought a trailer up with him, so I had one last sail in the boat over to the Hilton Park boat launch. I'm sure they will have a great time with her. Good luck, Dan and family!

06/25/01: Colin Starts Job!
Colin starts full time at his job at Little Bay Marine, not far from where we live. In fact, when the weather is good, he can drive Snow Day to work! He will be doing general boat yard work and learning as much as he can. He has been working a few Saturdays, but with the end of school, he switches to full time. And he can hardly wait!!

06/22/01: Colin Graduates 8th Grade!
It's been a long haul, but Colin graduated from 8th grade! He is so proud. And: so are we! And other than math, his final grades came back pretty good all around. Good going, Colin, and congratulations!

04/21/01: Linnet's Wings Arrives At Mooring!
Colin drove me over to Great Bay Marine in Snow Day midmorning just as the tide was completing its rise. Despite no wind, there were huge breaking standing waves just off the dock area so Colin stood close by as I pulled Linnet's Wings into the channel. All went well until just before I went under the General Sullivan Bridge and the motor quit! Colin grabbed the bow line and towed me to a mooring on the other side of the bridge and got the engine running again. Then he raced ahead and got Pat at the house. As I rounded up in front of our mooring, he dropped her off, I put up the jib, and we had a marvelous sail as the wind had freshened to about 10 - 12 knots. Linnet's Wings heeled ever so slightly and we were off!

04/20/01: Colin Launches Snow Day!
Our friend Gary of Dover Marine who had been woking on Colin's engine dropped it off on his way home from work and helped Colin put it onto Snow Day. Then he and I pulled the trailer over into the yard so Colin could hook up the "ears" to the intake and pump water so he could make sure it started. The he, Marissa, our neighboor Gus, and I managed to push Snow Day through the yard and down onto the beach. Colin just waited until the tide was high enough and shoved her in!

04/20/01: Linnet's Wings Launched By Great Bay Marine!
Well, Great Bay Marine got Linnet's Wings safely into the water. Colin and I went over right after I got home from work. We moved her over to the launch lift and were able to retrieve the halyard that was stuck at the top of the mast, get the engine going, and do last minute preperations for bringing her home tomorrow! It's just great!

02/26/01: Peter Takes Advanced Software Engineering Course!
I was selected to attend a weeks training in Cincinnati, OH for BEA Weblogic V5.1 application server. It was a great course and included extensive instruction in Enterprise JavaBeans, JSP, Servlets and web based application deployment. It was an interesting experience as 4 of the other students were from diverse parts of India, one from Brazil, and another from Indonesia. I had several enjoyable meals discussing all of these diverse cultures, their politics, religion, music, movies, etc. It was an education opportunity almost equal to that of the course. I could only suggest that anyone going to Cincinnati try Arnold's Restaurant on 8th Street. It is Cincinnati's oldest pub, founded in 1861- little has changed; it is quite unique, to say the least! But the food and atmosphere are outstanding. Even my new friends fully enjoyed Arnold's, some going back for a second time.

02/19/01: Colin Spends Week At US Coast Guard Station!
Colin had an opportunity to spend a week at the US Coast Guard station, Newcastle, NH for part of his yearly Sea Cadet training requirements. Here he is, pulling his seabag out of the car. The sailors had a laugh when they saw Colin lugging a seabag up the stairs that was almost bigger than he was! He had a great week, and wants to go back again.

02/02/01: Peter Posts New Web Page for Linnet's Wings!
With so many people asking about Peter's new Alberg sloop, Linnet's Wings, a separate web page has been created for her. It can be reached through this link...

01/02/01: Peter Starts New Job!
Profit Tools ran into financial issues and had to eliminate Peter's position. He starts today as a Senior Software Engineer at Equant Application Services in Burlington, MA. Equant develops reservations and bookings software for the travel industry. Small division of a huge 5000 person multinational company.

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