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12/19/20 More Storm Cleanup And Carols Present

We were back to dealing with a few more ice dam leaks when we got up Saturday morning 12/19/20.

I spent a couple of hours up on the ladder raking all of the snow off of the upper part of the roof, and then as I went back to spread sodium cholorid along the gutters of the section, Sue raked the snow off of the eves. We just ziz-zagged all along the front of the house where the issues were the greatest until things were cleaned up the best we could.

Secondary ice dams had formed all along where I had raked before. I've never seen, or even heard, of these secondary ice dam issues, but from now on when I rake the roof, it's going to be the entire roof, and not just several feet up from the edges.

It must have something to do with the wide temperature changes that we've had, but I won't try to out guess any of that: I'll just rake the whole roof from now on.

After warming up a bit, we stuffed Beau into the car along with a large cardboard box containing all of the pieces of a new moving tray table desk Christmas present for her aunt Carol.

We had a nice visit with Carol as Sue and I put the desk together. Beau was unimpressed, but enjoyed a couple of the snacks that Carol fed him.

After Sue warmed up a container of mac and cheese for Carol, we headed over to see her brother Alan. We had a great time visiting with Alan who has been pretty much isolated for a couple of months now. He followed us down to a Chinese restaurant just outside of Wolfeboro where we picked up our food that Sue had called ahead for.

Alan headed back to his house while Sue and I continued south on Route 28 to New Durham. While Sue got the food ready, I got a fire going in the wood stove, and poured out glasses of wine for us. We just ate in the living room watching the fire in the wood stove and a Hallmark holiday movie on tv. Long and tiring day so we just called it an early night.

Current Picture
Yup. Backed up all along the eves and above on the secondary ice dams. Terrific....

Current Picture
Ladder and roof raking skills at 71....

Current Picture
Tray table desk assembly at Carol's.

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