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06/28/20: Chuck Birthday

Chuck and I had quite the texting discussion back and forth on his birthday about a pair of socks that he had sent to for my birthday which I had sent back to him for his birthday.

In that package — that he received Friday — I had sent him a letter saying to the effect that because neither of us really needed anything for a birthday present, I was sending the socks that he had given to me for my birthday back to him with the intent that we'd just keep exchanging them back and forth each year.

So, he texts me back that evening while Sue and I were at Steve and Cathy's for our take out dinner party with the following picture, and note:

Current Picture
"I have not yet decided if I will leave two perfectly good pairs of socks sitting in the wrapping unused for another full year, so I cannot guarantee these will be available to send back to you next year LOL that said, next year I will likely send you something consumable that cannot be returned 😂 "

And it wasn't but a little while later that I got yet another picture texted to me:

Current Picture

Yeah, well, I guess he couldn't wait that long....

But I had sent him a pre birthday poem that Thursday which I had hoped he would find entertaining in lieu of those stupid socks that would arrive the next day:

Soon, So, So Very Sooooooon....

Just like that rap, rap, rapping at your chamber door,
A sort of tapping at that chamber door
As you eagerly wish the morrow
But you still have to wait for twice that time and not tomorrow
And surely there will not be just darkness but far more
Though it certainly won't be Lenore....

And so let that that rap, rap, rapping at your chamber door
Not bother you any more
Because it's not the Raven tapping a rhythm of sorrow
But rather one of joy for the day after tomorrow
A tapping of joy that it'll be your birth day
and not tickets from me for an f'n holiday....

your dad what loves ya - despite what the neighbors think

I had sent the following picture to him for his birthday along with yet another stupid poem — which I will forgo replicating here as I'm just not a poet and feel it's the thought that counts:

Current Picture

That picture was taken Thursday 06/27/19 during Chuck's visit out to see us 06/22/19 for his birthday. Chuck and I were on a leisurely drive in his Audi around Lake Winnipesaukee, and had stopped at Walter's Basin restaurant for lunch.

And although we saw him again 07/25/19: Visit to Chuck's, it would have been nice to get together again for his birthday this year. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic going on, it just wasn't worth the risk.

Sue took the following picture of me last night at our Pizza Party dinner, and thought it should have been the birthday picture I should have sent to him with that poem.

Current Picture

I sent it off to him titled: "Me Watching You On Your Birthday"

So much for ripping him up on his birthday....

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