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06/21/20: Father's Day

It was already really hot by the time I got up Sunday morning, Father's Day, 06/21/20.

Parts of the grass had been browned out, but other parts had grown so much that I decided to get out early after a nice breakfast Sue prepared, and cut the grass before the temperature got as high as they were predicting. I was soaked and beat by the time the grass was done, and couldn't wait to cool off in a nice shower.

I had worn my old, ripped up 'Long Pond, Maine' tee shirt for the last time last night, and had kept it on for the mowing. Time to let it go, though, and so this was the final wearing. I had bought it during our 07/16/10: Weekend Trip to Pemaquid, Maine.

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My treasured 'Round Pond, Maine' tee shirt has seen much better days....

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I really let the thing get pretty bad....

After sitting with Beau while Sue took care of some things, I got a cup of coffee, went into the library, and finished the currency trading blog post I had started writing the day before but had gotten pulled off of when Beau had his accident.

As the morning wore on, Beau seemed to be feeling better, as he didn't whimper whenever he'd sit or lie down. Sue had him laying on the grass next to her chair so they could both escape the 100 degree heat that had made the house like an oven.

I stayed inside to edit and then finally upload my post to my site. By that time, it was well after noon, so Sue fixed us grilled cheese sandwiches with a bowl of mixed fruit for lunch.

With both of us monitoring Beau as he began to recover from his surgery yesterday, the temperature sored into the 90s, and then hit 100 degrees! Man, was it uncomfortable, until just after noon time when we had light thunder storms roll over us.

To beat the heat, Sue suggested that we take Beau for a short, easy walk through the woods behind the house.

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Short Father's Day walk in the woods with Beau.

There's a nice little path that goes up along a rounded hill, and arcs back to the barn. Beau took it slow, stopping every couple of yards to sniff along side the path, so he had a nice time. and it was a little cooler under the shade of the trees and bushes.

But before all that occurred, I popped open a nice bottle of wine that we sipped while we played some backgammon out on screen porch. For Father's Day dinner, we had sun-dried tomato marinated chicken over herb rice and stir fried vegetables, and Sue made an outstanding cherry crisp for desert. Perfect.

I was thinking at the time we were eating dinner that we're going to have to slip that cone back on Beau fairly soon when we head up to bed. He seems to have not only discovered the wound site, but it's probably started to heal and is itching him.

He was not a happy camper when that cone went back on him later that day, and saw no humor in my asking him if he was getting any alien signals from it....

Other than taking Beau for a cooling walk up through the woods behind the house, the day was a comfortable, and peaceful day. Just right!

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