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05/16/20: First Kayak Trip of Season

While Sue was out walking The Beau Dog, I got all the gear out and kayaks ready for our first kayaking adventure of the season Saturday 05/16/20. We had wanted to take our first kayaking trip Mother's Day, but with all the snow and cold weather, we decided to wait.

But Sue's patience wore thin over the week, and she couldn't stand it anymore. I had thought about getting some outside stuff done today, but shelved that until we got back from taking our first kayaking trip of the season over on Marsh Pond.

Though a little breezy still, the temperature rose into the high 60s as we pushed off into the choppy water. There were only a few times that the wind was so bad that paddling was really tough. The gusts were sometimes really strong, but I didn't see any white caps on the river or pond.

For the most part, we poked along the sides of the shoreline, spending a couple of relaxing hours listening to and watching the large number of birds flying around the sanctuary areas. Lots of fun.

The entire surface of Merrymeeting Lake, however, was surging with white caps as we drove South Shore road. Sue had contacted someone who was cleaning out their garage and had some things she wanted, and so after we loaded the kayaks onto the top of the car, we headed over there.

The wind was ripping the lake up pretty good — but then, with its much longer fetch, it had lots of runway to pile the water up. Beautiful, though no pictures unfortunately. It was early enough that I just wanted to get back to the house and get into some of those outside Spring projects that we'd had to put off because of the weather.

After washing down the kayaks (have to do that because of the danger of transporting invasive river plants to other areas), and loading them and the other gear back into the barn, Sue and I got to it with those projects.

First up was to get the ladder out so we could get some of the high screens in the kitchen into their frames. Then, I moved all of the remaining wood in the log holder to another spot on the screen porch, and then dragged it up into the barn.

While I was doing that, Sue got the porch all swept out, the table moved, and the green rug down. We went out to the barn and brought in the two rocking chairs and the chairs for the table, and Sue got all that set up.

It's not done, but it gives Sue a nice spot to go out and have her morning coffee and listen to the birds. Beau was not helpful at all during the process, other than to bark like a banshee when the mail carrier drove up to the mail box. Terrific....

Sue had been marinating some beef all day, and so after we played some backgammon to wind down, I got some rice going and then fixed a skillet stir fry of them with mixed vegetables.

Current Picture

Sue is totally in her element! She could have stayed out there alllll day with no problem, though the wind was blowing pretty good and it got a little chilly out there.

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Sue got this pictures of the wind driven waves. No whitecaps, but the wind was pushing the water pretty good for a tree rimmed pond area.

Current Picture

Yup. Proof that I was there....

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The screen porch is getting there; almost set up after winter hibernation.

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Finally, relaxing with dinner and a glass of wine!

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Lucas sent us this picture of him and Rachel getting outside for some sun in L.A.

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