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New Years 01/01/09

New Year's itself has never been a really big deal for me. I just came home after work, had some left overs, and watched a movie just to unwind from work a little. Current Picture

I did watch some of the New York celebration on TV, but after the ball dropped so did I. I was in bed by 12:30. Some party animal. But I could really care less.

I did sleep in Friday morning; I treated myself to the day off. By the time I had showered up, the coffee was all brewed, and the Rose Parade was on TV. I watched chunks of that between some writing and general puttering around. Turned out to be a beautiful day. Even spent a couple of hours in the living room doing some reading (The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life) with the sound of the football game on (I only watch football New Year's, Super Bowl, and Thanksgiving. That's it, so I got my quota in... And the picture proves I had the game on!

Friday night I went out to an early dinner and then watched one of the nicest movies I think I have ever seen, "In Her Shoes" Current Picture I even watched all the special scenes and the director's cut; the whole deal. Of course, that put me up pretty late. Well, later than I had planned.

Saturday morning I was up by 9:00am writing and sipping away on my coffee. Another beautiful morning.

Late morning my new 'old world' wood TV credenza arrived. It really brings the room together, and was worth waiting for. Now I've just got some furniture rearranging to do to pull the final look together. Maybe then I can finish off the library which has been the catch-all room as I've gone through the rest of the condo. Not much to do in there because Marissa got the walls all painted this summer for me. It's really just a matter of throwing out some clutter, and placing some furniture to balance off my desk and computer area.

Saturday afternoon, Steve came over and he moved all of the components from the old TV stand onto the new credenza. There were enough wires to surround the whole condo complex! Holy crap where they all go is just around and around to me. Fortunately, Steve knew what he was doing and in a couple hours had it all wired up for me.

Some of us got together for dinner and some backgammon early that evening at Castaways, and then back to my place to break in the new TV credenza with the silly and very infantile movie "Shoot 'em Up". I had just enough beer to totally enjoy that whole thing, as did everyone else - picture shows the new credenza with the main menu for the movie.

Sunday was a very kick back type of day. I sipped my coffee and got a lot accomplished with the writing I am doing. Very relaxing day. Around 4:00pm I headed off for food shopping for the marvelous Peter's Sunday Party For One which this week was created totally on the fly: Rosemary, garlic, and Merlot pork chops with thyme sauteed mushroom risotto, and rounded out with cumin, A1 Steak sauce, and tamari steamed orange cauliflower. How's that for a menu!

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