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Generator Installation 10/29/19

So, today 10/29/19, I had a generator delivered! I'll post updates to this process as we go, but the full story and pictures will be found here!

Current Picture

Though we're not really totally remote, we're close to being that. The folks who we bought our house from cautioned us that they would lose power a few times a year, and that's been the case.

Fortunately, it's only been for a couple of days at the most. However, they said that they didn't have power for over a week one time during a major ice storm that littered the road with broken tree limbs making travel impossible.

Regardless of the past infrequency of loss of power here, I've always planned that at some point I'd get a generator. So, today, one was delivered!

Because of the wood stove, and the brook out back, we'd probably be fine as far as heat and water are concerned, even over an extended period. However, my concern is keeping the well pump operational, as well as refrigeration. And I wouldn't want my wine to freeze, or not have internet, or tv! Thus, the generator.

I did some research on the company Generator Connection out of Barrington, NH. I had met one of their folks when Sue and I were at the Deerfield Fair last month with Steve and Cathy. What he had said made great sense, but I still did a lot of checking: not only on these folks, but on the Kohler brand that they carried vs. a couple of other brands I had heard about.

I probably over bought on power and features, but look, I'm 70 years old and have absolutely no interest in messing with generator issues. It was natural to get a propane fired one not only because I already have propane for my cooking stove, but because that way I don't have to lug gas cans around to fill the thing.

I don't even like filling the riding mower up with gas, so I can't imagine the aggravation of filling a generator up every 6 hours or so.

Because my current propane tank is 10 years old, Eastern Propane will just swap that out for 2, 100 gallon tanks, and run the lines necessary to both the stove and the generator.

I selected a 10 KW model as it was only $300 more than their 6 KW model, and had so many more features. Like I said: I do not want to be messing around with a generator. Gad! a 10 KW could probably run up an aircraft carrier....

Now, I have to wait for the propane company to come do their installation of new tanks, and lines. That will be November 11th. After that, the electricians come to hook everything up.

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