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I started this website back in the late 1990s as a way for friends to keep up with our activities. Since then, it has expanded in many ways beyond a few, simple pages of content.

The web has grown into a real global community. It's a great place to gather and keep up with what's happening in each others lives. I've met a lot of great folks from all around the world because of this site, and look forward to meeting many more. And no, I do not have, nor do I intend to have, accounts with: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

This isn't a web blog with interesting things being written about. It's just a way for me to record the ordinary things going on in our lives. I enjoy writing, and so this is more of a relaxing escape for me from my busy work life than it is to provide witty entertainment for casual visitors. On the other hand, if you are looking for truly sleep inducing reading, then you might find these ramblings helpful....

On a technical note, the newer parts of this site use display formatting that old browsers may not like. Thus, if you find yourself thinking something like, "Gee, what a crummy site...." try it on a decent browser or higher browser version. Because Microsoft doesn't feel it important enough to build their browsers to acknowledged industry coding standards but rather tries to create their own rules, you might do as I have and move to FireFox.

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I'm sorry, but many times I get far behind in creating and posting the detail page and corresponding pictures that go along with an event entry. Bear with me as I try to keep up with these postings....

09/04/17: Labor Day Kayaking on the Merrymeeting River
Sue and I took advantage of the great weather Monday 09/04/17 to have a Labor Day kayaking explore on the Merrymeeting River. Sunday it had rained constant bucketfuls, but Monday broke with bright sun and prospects for warm though breezy weather. We loaded up the car around 11:00am and were off for a great day!
Current Picture
Current Picture
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Current Picture

09/09/17: Early Fall Weekend Fun
Yup, that's what you read: early fall! Some of the leaves have just begun to turn with the night temps dropping pretty consistently into the low 50s and even upper 40s.

Saturday morning 09/09/17, Sue was off to help Jen and Butch with their yard sale. She took some of our stuff and made $28! She had texted me earlier that she was at the $26 level. Outstanding, and so, when I went food shopping, I stopped off at Johnson's Market at the bottom of the mountain and bought a really nice bottle of Chianti Riserva.

After Sue got home and finished puttering around a little in the yard with planting, I opened the wine, and we went out onto the porch to play a few sets of backgammon. The air, though warm when we first went out, began to chill as the sun started to sag behind the tree line to the west.

But that was fine as I had cooking to get to. I was fixing Spaghetti a la Carbonara, with a little enhancements of my own. My original experience with Carbonara was with a friend and his sister who were of Italian decent. Most recipes that you see don't include heavy cream, capers, parsley, basil, or peas. But it was in the dishes they cooked, and it makes the Carbonara just a super tasting mix.

Meal prep was a little challenging tonight, though. Our friend, Steve Chorba, who had done all of the renovations on the house, had come over Friday morning and ripped off the counter tops in the kitchen, Current Picture and then just laid parts of them back onto of the framing.

He, and a contractor from a kitchen counter replacement company, are coming in on Monday to take the measurements for our new quartz counter tops, and to do that the old counter top has to be off. The next step down from cooking in that mess would be over a camp fire....

Regardless of the recipe changes, and the cooking conditions, we had a great evening together finishing off the wine and watching a movie my brother Alan had suggested: the 2015 movie 45 Years, before turning in for the night.

After Sue fixed some nice farm eggs in a bed of kale, we stuffed Beau into the car and went for a dump run. From there, we headed off to Alton Mountain Road to the trail head for Pine Mountain. Current Picture

It was a gorgeous day for a hike through the woods and open fields to the top of Pine Mountain. Beau bounced along in front of us, circling back, and then shooting off again.

The views from the top were just spectacular! I love it up there. So majestic, and yet peaceful with sweeping views of all of Lake Winnipesaukee and the surrounding Belknap Mountains. On the way home, we stopped off at the Alton circle to get gas and some of their great chili for Sue, and I tried the macaroni and cheese.

As soon as we got home, Sue was outside cleaning windows and enjoying the early afternoon sun. Beau stood guard with her while I ran a couple of loads of laundry and worked on typing this report up! Simple dinner of soup and a salad as Sue has a Four-O-Dark-Clock Monday morning work get up call....

09/24/17: Fall Apple Picking
Sue and I met Colin and Ren for breakfast in Rochester, NH Sunday morning 09/24/17. From there, we headed over to Butternut Farm in Farmington, NH to pick apples and get some pumpkins.

Current Picture
What's she up to now....

Current Picture

Current Picture
Colin and Ren

Current Picture
Sue on the move!

09/27/17: Our Friends The Parkers Arrive For A Visit
My 40 year karate student and Disciple, 5th Degree Black Belt Wind Lynx Master Carl Parker and his wife Sheina arrived at our house Wednesday 09/27/17.

Current Picture
Master Parker, Sheina, and Sue enjoying the Fall afternoon out on the porch.

They had flown in from Albuquerque, NM earlier in the week, and had been visiting the New Hampshire White Mountains. Master Parker was here to participate in my annual Disciple Retreat, and had brought Sheina so she and Sue could go exploring the Seacoast. Prior to arriving at our house, they had visited relatives in the Boston, MA area, and had then toured the New Hampshire White Mountains for a few days.

Current Picture
Master Parker, and Sheina.

After enjoying the afternoon chatting out on the porch, I fixed a marvelous spicy Shrimp Fra Diavolo for dinner that we enjoyed with a couple of bottles of Edna Valley Sauvignon Blanc. It was nice to have them visit us after they had shared their hospitality with us when we flew out to Alburquerque to see them during our 07/16/11 vacation to New Mexico.

Current Picture
Me, Sue, Master Parker, and Sheina Friday morning 09/29 just before Sue and Sheina headed off exploring and we started with our retreat.

09/28/17: Visit to Castle In The Clouds, Moultonborough, NH
Thursday morning, Sue and I took the Parker's over to Castle In The Clouds in Moultonborough, NH. We spent a couple of hours enjoying this truly spectacular home overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee. It was such a clear day, that we could see all the way down the lake almost to Alton Bay.

Current Picture
Castle In The Clouds

10/01/17: 2017 Rose School of Karate Disciple Retreat
I held this year's 2017 Rose School of Karate Disciple Retreat at my home in New Durham, NH from Thursday 09/28/17 through 10/01/17.

Current Picture
Friday morning coffee to start the Rose 2017 Disciple Retreat in New Durham, NH. From left to right: 2nd Degree Black Belt Nidan Marty Richter, Tai Chien Dojo, Portsmouth, NH, 2nd Degree Black Belt Nidan Eleanne Solorzano, Rose School of Karate, New Durham, NH, 5th Degree Black Belt Wind Lynx Master Carl D. Parker, Albuquerque, NM, 9th Degree Black Belt White Cobra Grandmaster Peter M. Rose, Rose School of Karate, New Durham, NH, 6th Degree Black Belt King Snake Master Russell G. Jones, Sachem Health and Fitness, Laconia, NH, and 6th Degree Black Belt Spirit Eagle Master Timothy A. House, Tai Chien Dojo, Portsmouth, NH

Friday morning, everyone met at my house for coffee and breakfast before my introductory comments, and getting into the retreat material. It would end up being a long day....

10/07/17: Columbus Day Weekend
Despite the rain and chillyness, it was a really typical Fall weekend in New England. The leaves here in the Lakes Region are now really starting to transition into their Fall colors. It's just beautiful!

To celebrate, Saturday night we watched one of my favorite movies, the 1981 Henry Fonda masterpiece, On Golden Pond. I don't know how many times Sue has watched it, but I've made it an annual Fall tradition almost since the movie came out.

Sunday downpours and fairly brisk winds continued into the late afternoon. The sun broke through the clouds from time to time, but the weather was predicted to continue with even more storms for Columbus Day. And it poured most of Monday. Sue and I took a brief drive to check out foliage changes along some of the back roads on our way to pick up some things at the store she needed for the week.

Sue and I usually close up our kayaking season by taking day trip on some river or lake on Columbus Day. But that won't happen this year, and, we'll be just a little busy for the next couple of weeks to be kayaking....

10/10/17: The End of a Tradition: My Annual UNH Fall Walkabout
I arrived here in New Hampshire in 1972 to start graduate school in physics at UNH, the University of New Hampshire. My path soon changed, however, and I moved from Durham, NH to Portsmouth, NH.

But, short as my time at UNH was, I never lost my fondness for Durham or for the campus. Each Fall in either October or November I always went back and did what I called my "Annual UNH Fall Walkabout". I'd park my car at one end of the University or the other and walk the student pathways around campus, circiling back from the far end to where I had started.

Though starting this website back in 1999, I didn't actually start logging my walkabouts until 10/23/04 where I took the following "picture of my favorite spot" on campus on a spectacular October 23rd Fall day.

Current Picture
"2004 picture of my favorite spot"

And I took that same "picture of my favorite spot" every Fall after that until this Fall, the Fall of 2017.

In January of 2017, we purchased our home on the mountain in New Durham, NH, restored and renovated it, and moved in full time in March. And since this starts a whole new chapter in my life away from the Seacoast area, just as 2004 started a different chapter in my life, I think it's now time to let my "Annual UNH Fall Walkabout" just become a wonderful memory chronicled every year in this web site from 2004 through 2016, 12 years.

I'm happy that Sue was able to join me on many of those walkabouts, even being the photographer of the "picture of my favorite spot" and sharing the experience with me. She not only captured that spot each year, but took so many wonderful pictures of the UNH campus as well. With our final 11/05/16: Annual U.N.H. Walkabout, she captured the "picture of my favorite spot" for the last time....

Current Picture
"2016 picture of my favorite spot"

10/13/17: Wedding on the Mountain
Sue and I were married on Friday October 13th 2017 in a lovely backyard setting attended by our immediate family. The ceremony was officiated by our very close friend, Reverend Robin Clark.

Current Picture

Everyone started arriving at 2:00 pm! First to arrive were Sue's kids, Lucas and Jill, quickly followed by Robin and her husband Eric. Colin and Ren were next. As everyone was chatting away in the kitchen, Sue and Robin headed up the hill to the screen porch to discuss the ceremony. Then, Marissa, Gary, and little Mia arrived with Sue's brother Alan and his wife Joann not far behind them.

We had planned to start the ceremony around 3:00 pm, and by then everyone had wandered up to the screen porch. Robin told Sue and I to head back down to the house, and when we were ready to come out and rejoin everyone at the screen porch.

I think it was around 3:20 pm then that Sue and I, hand in hand, walked up the grassy hill. Our smiles, and the smiles of our family as we reached the gathering area couldn't have been any brighter than the beautiful Autumn sun that warmed the brisk air at the top of the hill.

Robin's ceremony was so touching and interwove the readings that we had selected so seamlessly into her own presentation. The service took about 40 minutes, and consisted of several major sections of thought, after which we all enjoyed some nice warm cream squash soup that Sue had made, chili, some cheeses and snacks that Lucas and Jill had so kindly brought, and bottled water and tea.

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