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I started this website back in the late 1990s as a way for friends to keep up with our activities. Since then, it has expanded in many ways beyond a few, simple pages of content.

The web has grown into a real global community. It's a great place to gather and keep up with what's happening in each others lives. I've met a lot of great folks from all around the world because of this site, and look forward to meeting many more. And no, I do not have, nor do I intend to have, accounts with: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

This isn't a web blog with interesting things being written about. It's just a way for me to record the ordinary things going on in our lives. I enjoy writing, and so this is more of a relaxing escape for me from my busy work life than it is to provide witty entertainment for casual visitors. On the other hand, if you are looking for truly sleep inducing reading, then you might find these ramblings helpful....

On a technical note, the newer parts of this site use display formatting that old browsers may not like. Thus, if you find yourself thinking something like, "Gee, what a crummy site...." try it on a decent browser or higher browser version. Because Microsoft doesn't feel it important enough to build their browsers to acknowledged industry coding standards but rather tries to create their own rules, you might do as I have and move to FireFox.

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I'm sorry, but many times I get far behind in creating and posting the detail page and corresponding pictures that go along with an event entry. Bear with me as I try to keep up with these postings....

11/12/17: Late Fall Leaves Down
What a difference a few days makes up here on the mountain. Just back on Monday 11/06/17 it was foggy when I took a similar picture of the back yard with only some of the leaves having fallen.

Current Picture
A few days makes a big difference.

But there had been fairly high winde over the last few days that had stripped almost all of the leaves from most of the trees. Also missing are the table and two chairs; time to store those away for the winter as well.

11/13/17: Quick Weather Change On The Mountain!
I captured how quickly the weather can change up here on the mountain Monday morning 11/13/17.

Current Picture

Current Picture

Current Picture

Current Picture

11/17/17: Sue Off to Rhode Island
As Sue was getting ready to head out to RI to have an early Thanksgiving with her daughter, Jill, my friend Steve and his cousin Josh pulled up with a small Cat bulldozier.

Current Picture

Over the course of the summer and fall, and then this past huge storm on 10/29/17, we had accumulated so much yard debris that we had to hire Josh to load it all into a large truck. There would have been no way that we could have managed that by hand. Well, we could have, but it would just have been a brute of an undertaking. Pass....

Beau and I helped Sue load up her stuff into the car, and as she headed out around 10:00 am we lugged a few bundles of wood in for the wood stove. Beau spent the rest of the day wandering around looking for Sue, and every time I went to let him out to do his business, he went tear-assing around looking for her.

After seeing Sue off, I went back inside to try to nurse my current currency position along, but finally had to take a huge loss just before the markets closed at 5:00 pm. Can't win them all, but I've certainly had way too many losses due to stupid stuff I know better not to do lately. Maybe I should just go trade old tires or something....

Disgusted with all of that, I poured myself a small glass of wine, parked it on the sofa, and watched the 1968 Stanley Kubrick classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey. After that finished, I warmed up dinner, some terrific leftover meatloaf, poured another glass of wine, and ate in the living room while watching another of my faovire movies, the 1990 The Hunt for Red October.

Saturday was a chilly day that started out sunny, but became progressively more cloudy into the late afternoon. I went out and brought in a couple of carriers full of wood, lit a fire in the wood stove, and plopped down on the sofa with a glass of wine to watch the 2002 movie, The Bourne Identity.

For dinner, I fixed up a massive taco with some leftovers from earlier in the week. It was so huge and messy that I had to eat the whole thing leaning over the kitchen sink. The-Beau-Dog watched the whole thing in total disbelief. Not that I was stuffing my face with this enormous taco, but that I got to eat before him.

After cleaning up the dishes, I went back into the living room where it was so nice wtih a warn wood stove glowing across from me. I slipped the 2000 movie Boiler Room into the DVD player, and just leaned back to enjoy doing nothing.

I fried up a couple of eggs for breakfast Sunday morning. I jazzed them up a little with fresh ground black pepper, some papirika, thyme, and chives, and then covered them over with a layer of baby spinnach leaves. Having those with a cup of coffee, and I was all set for the day. I spent most of the morning doing currency analysis and lugging in a few carriers full of wood in for a fire later.

Sue got home around 3:45 pm, and was itching to take Beau out for a walk to stretch her legs from an almost 4 hours of driving. I tagged along to the top of the ridge to see the sun start to gradually slip toward the mountains in the distance. But the wind was blowing something fierce, so I had to throw a flag on that and suggest we head back home. Sue was all up for that as she knew I'd get the wood stove fired up.

AFter I popped open a nice bottle of Chateau Ste Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon, we played about an hour of backgammon and chatted about her trip. But I had to break off around 5:00 pm to start dinner prep work. I was doing off the cuff rosemary seasoned pork chops covered with thyme and sherry sauteed mushrooms, onions, and baby spinnach. For a side, I winged it with green beans stir fried with scallions, sweet red pepper, oregano, and a dash of red pepper flakes with a final covered steaming from a few dashes of sherry. Marvelous! And great fun to share together.

11/21/17: Sue Retires!
Big day for Sue as she put in her last day at work and goes into the retirement she so much deserves. Now, it's time to just relax with her photography, arts projects, and general life up on the mountain. There are so many things she wants to do that I'll have to get a tracker device to strap onto her!

Rather than go out and celebrate after work, she just wanted to come home and relax. After taking Beau for a short walk, we opened a bottle of Spanish Tempranillo and played some backgammon for awhile.

After dinner, Sue had some paper work that she wanted to get done before the finals of Dancing With The Stars came on at 9:00pm, and so I finished up with a small project I was working on as well.

As we were watching the show, the outside motion detector triggered the barn lights. We didn't think anything of it until this happened the third time. Sue stood up on the sofa to look out the window to see what was going on. There were 3 deer moving around in the driveway and walking out in the yard.

Seeing that reminded us that she has seen Hugh Pine, our somewhat resident porcupine, and a fat friend of his waddling up the hill that morning at 5:00 am when she took Beau out for a walk. Wildlife on the mountain is fine for the City Boy as long as they mind their own bid-ness....

11/23/17: Thanksgiving Celebration
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. And not only because of the gathering of loved ones and friends, but also because it provides the perfect time to reflect on how I'm enjoying life and contributing to a better world.

I bounced back and forth Thanksgiving morning between the kitchen and living room so that I could catch some of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on tv - something I've always done since enjoying such times with my mom when I was growing up.

Current Picture

Colin and Ren drove up about 2:15 and just as they were walking up to the house, Ren's mom, Nancy, drove in. Though not cold, but just brisk, everyone gravitated to the fire I had going in the woodstove.

We all had such a good time visiting and just chatting over Sue's brie bites and a bottle of Erath Pinot Noir that I opened for the occasion.

With dinner, I popped open a bottle of Dom Perignon Sue's friend Gale had given us as a wedding givt, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed this really special wine and special gift!

We were both pretty tired from all the work, and called it an early night. We had an early morning call Friday to visit Sue's family up north, so getting some sleep was a very inviting prospect.

11/24/17: Visit to Sue's Family in Ossipee, NH
We were up and out the door by around 8:00 am Friday morning. We stuffed Beau in the car, and headed off to Home Depot in Rochester where Sue wanted to get some poinsettias for her family and for our house.

Before getting on the road from there, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast sandwiches and the all important coffee! As we were ahead of schedule, we stopped in Ossipee at Tractor Supply to pick up some things before going to Sue's Aunt Carol's. Sue gave her a Thanksgiving plate of food she had made up, and we had a really nice visit with her for a couple of hours.

From Carol's, we drove over to Sue's brother Alan's for a visit with him and Joann. Their son Derek was there as well, and we all had a nice visit for a couple of hours.

Though we had come up over Route 16, we decided to take Route 28 back home through Wolfeboro and down along Lake Winnipesaukee into Alton. We really enjoy that way as it's such a pretty ride. This is such a beautiful region, even at the end of Fall when all the leaves are down and it's overcast with a sharp bite to the breeze.

11/26/17: Jenness Farm and Walk in the Woods
Sue and I headed off around 9:30 am for Jenness Farm in Nottingham, NH. It's just a terrific, fun place to visit, and they have some of the neatest products.

Though it was spitting snow and quite crisp out with a blustery wind when we left the house, by the time we got down onto Route 202 heading west the sky had cleared, and the sun shown brightly through the spotted cloud clusters.

We had a couple of stops to make on the way, one of which was some emergency coffee. But we got to Jenness Farm before they opened at 11:00 am. That was fine because we just continued west on Route 4 to take Beau for a walk in the woods at Northwood Meadows State Park. He had a great time, even though we kept him on his leash as there were several other folks out walking their dogs as well.

Current Picture

Peter and Beau by the water at Northwood Meadows State Park.

We backtracked to Jenness Farm, wandered around there for a little while, and then headed back to the Hannaford Market in Alton to do food shopping. We took Route 4 west and pealed off onto Route 107 North, picking up Route 28 into the Alton circle. What a pretty drive.

We stopped for a quick burger at McDonalds before shopping. When we got home, Sue wanted me to get a fire going in the wood stove because it was still pretty chilly up on the mountain. We played some backgammon before I started cooking my mom's recipe for baked turkey tetrazini casserole.

And to end off the day, a Sunday which for the first time Sue doesn't have to get up at 4:00 am for work, we watched the lovely 2010 movie, 'Eat Pray Love', based on Liz Gilbert's best-selling memoir. A wonderful day!

11/29/17: Quick Hike Up Pine Mountain
Sue and I took advantage of the uncharastically nice weather to take Beau up Pine Mountain 11/29/17. Though very windy and brisk at the top, it was, as always, a nice hike.

Current Picture

From the top of Pine Mountain looking out across Lake Winnipesaukee toward a sun drenched Wolfeboro in the distance.

Current Picture

Sue trying to get Beau to pose for the camera. You can see them both battling the stiff breeze.

Current Picture

Sue got this great shot of the storm clouds sweeping across the sky.

Current Picture

Sue sent this picture to my brother with the caption: "Peter with his head in the clouds." His response was: "...always has been."

11/30/17: Joint Karate Club Brown Belt Exams
Sue and I drove over to Durham, NH Thursday evening 12/01/17 to attend a joint karate club brown belt exam.

Current Picture

Steve Shackford, Kaylee Smith, Michael Mott, Tom Toye, and Luke DeRoche

Steve and Tom were testing from my club, while Kaylee, Michael, and Luke are students of my disciple Russel Jones of the Sachem Self Defense School in Laconia, NH. It was a long and difficult exam, but everyone testing did an excellent job of demonstrating their skills.

12/03/17: Christmas Tree and Decorating
Sunday 12/03/17 Sue and I went out to get our first Christmas tree here at the house.

Colin and Ren came over for breakfast at 9:00 am, and then we headed off down the road to the Neva Dun Farm in Center Barnstead where Sue and I found a nice, full, small tree first.

Current Picture

After cutting our tree down for us, Colin spotted a stand of larger trees in the field down the hill from us, cut it down, and loaded it onto their sled. Just a lot of fun!

When we got home, She had already brought the plastic tub of decorations in from the barn, and so we got right to it.

12/12/17: Winter Storm and Deep Freeze
Though not a major storm with only about 3 inches of snow on Tuesday 12/12/17, it was the second storm in just a few days. What happened with this one was that after turning to a wet sleet, the temperature then dropped into the 20s and stayed really cold for days after.

I spent about 2 hours blowing and shoveling snow and then hauling in a bunch of wood for the wood stove. I got most of the snow up, but just as I was finishing, it turned to sleet. By the time we got up Wednesday, it was all ice.

Current Picture

Long shot from the driveway Wednesday morning.

Current Picture

Sue got this spectacular picture with her camera.

Current Picture

Beau warming up after being out with me while I blew snow all over the place.

12/16/17: Visiting the NH Farm Museum
Sue and I drove out to the NH Farm Museum in Milton, NH late Saturday morning 12/16/17. She had seen an article in one of the local papers about tours of the house, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to visit as neither of us had been there before.

We're so glad that we dressed warmly because the temperature was around 15 F with a slight, but still penetrating, wind. Though the tour was inside the farm house, there was about a half hour before it began that we were able to wander around in the unheated barn and the country store building that was pretty frigid.

What a great place to visit. There's so much to see, and it's just a really nice experience. We both agreed that we'd have to go back again.

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