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Sunday Kayaking 07/07/19

We were all up and moving around fairly early Sunday morning 07/07/19. Sue fixed a wonderful quiche for breakfast, and then Lucas and Rachel were off for Westerly, RI for a couple days with Lucas' sister Jill.

It was such a beautiful day that we decided we'd give our friends Steve and Cathy a shout to see if they wanted to join us on a Sunday kayaking adventure. While Sue took The Beau Dog for a short walk, I got the kayaks, and all the assorted gear out into the driveway so we could leave when she got back.

Current Picture

Ready to load all the gear to go kayaking.

We drove over to Steve and Cathy's, they loaded their kayaks into their truck, and we headed to nearby Chalk Pond where we launched our kayaks. Cathy said that the pond's name came from its historical past as a source for chalk that was dug out of its bed. It's a beautiful, but small pond. But it was quiet. We just poked along, following the shore from one small cove to the next, trying to be respectful of the folks out in their yards in the community at the north end.

Current Picture

Sue got this shot of Steve and me following along behind Cathy.

We had such a great time exploring this small, but beautiful New Hampshire pond. And, the weather had been just perfect. While we were pulling the kayaks out of the water, we wondered how we could prolong the day!

On the drive back to Steve and Cathy's we stopped at their house and asked them if they'd like to come over for dinner. They thought that was a great idea, and thus, HARK! A party hath been born-ed!

Because Cathy had a short meeting to attend, she said she'd join us later at the house. Steve jumped in the car with us, and we made a supply stop at the food store. Sue got steak that she would marinate at home (Hannaford's wanted almost $12 per pound for their pre-marinated steaks: thank you, but no!) as well as 2 different kinds of marinated chicken, and a six pack of Steve's current seasonal favorite beer, a Sam Adams Porch Rocker. Yup, Porch Rocker, and that turned out to be really good!

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Me relaxing on the screen porch with my Sam Adams Porch Rocker held high.

Steve had to help me drag the grill out from where it was imprisoned in the remains from the yard sale. Well... that's the story I told sue, but in fact it was a pretty easy maneuver. Anyway, I got it fired up, and it wasn't long before Steve and I had everything grilled, and Sue had the corn ready.

Current Picture

Steve, Cathy, and Sue patiently waiting for me to sit my ass down so we could get on with dinner!

After Steve and Cathy left just after 8:00 pm, Sue and I just couldn't believe how tired we were. We watched a little tv, but called it an early night as well, and were in bed by 9:30 pm - which is just way, way early for me! But I was beat.

Besides, I knew that I had the yard and a lot of trimming to do in the morning. I was up before 7:00 am and out on the rider mower just after 8:00 am, just 12 hours after the end of our party.

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