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March Blizzard 03/07/18

It had started to snow a little bit Tuesday night 03/06/18, and quite a lot more starting in the late afternoon on Wednesday 03/07/18.

But the real storm hit early Thursday morning 03/08/18. When we woke up, we were greeted to a foot, if not more. And it was a damp, sticky snow. And it was still coming down. Sue was, of course, out and around during the whole thing taking some great pictures.

Current Picture

View of the barn through the snow draped trees.

I was going to wait until afternoon for the storm to wind down before I went out to clear the driveway and walks. But I figured the longer I waited, the harder it would be to move the snow around with the snowblower. So, out I went, with Sue coming out about an hour later to help with the walkways.

Things went well at first because it was still fairly cold out. But after raking the snow off the roof and then blowing snow for well over an hour, it got pretty tough. Even though it was still snowing, the temperature had risen above freezing, and the snow was starting to get heavier.

Finally, not only were the tires skidding on the now frosted layer next to the asphalt, but the snow was so heavy that the blower blades got packed and the chute kept getting plugged. I gave up and shoveled as much as I could before I gave out. I looked at Sue, and she was as soaked and tired as I was. That was it. We threw a flag on the field and headed inside.

I had a bite to eat and went into the library to get some things done while Sue took a long and well deserved hot bath. After that, she looked so relaxed that I thought that looked like a marvelous opportunity for me as well. I immediately traded places with her, refilled the tub, and climbed into the hot, soothing water where I soaked in for an hour. Soooo nice. I could have stayed in there for the rest of the day.

Because of the storm, I had canceled my karate class down in Durham for that evening. I suggested to Sue that a night out for dinner and a glass of wine was in order. She totally agreed, and suggested Ackerly's Pub and Grill in Alton, NH as we had never been there. So, that's what we did, and had a really good meal. Nice place, and we'll be sure to go back again.

After we got back home, Sue took this beautiful picture of the backyard.

Current Picture

Night picture of the backyard after the storm.

Here are a couple of other pictures that Sue got during the storm.

Current Picture

Current Picture

Sue had written a wonderfully lyrical poem about coming out of winter a few days ago when most of the snow from the last storm had weeped into the ground. On a day like this, it's nice to reflect on her thoughts, knowing that at some point Spring will start to win over.


Amidst the fury of the winds
     and the occasional dismaying snow
March brings hope in New Hampshire
As we pacify ourselves
with newborn lambs,
thawing streams, pussy willows
Console ourselves with fresh maple syrup
     and the return of robins on the lawn.

Gratitude expands as
     the days grow longer;
as we shed heavy boots and jackets.
Trees bud
Flowers bloom
and more reasons for living in New England
Spring forth . . .
bringing excitement of light and new life.

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