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Colin Rose
    Colin Rose

The Pomeroy Cove Shuttle
The Pride 'n Joy
"One call I haul"
17 Cote Drive, Dover, NH 03820

Water Shuttle. Yard Mowing. Boat Cleaning.
All Done With a Real Smile!
I know where the fish are, too...

Pride 'n Joy

Come 'ere little fishie...

Christmas, 1998:
Certificate signed by the Governor!

Three of my neighboors: Bob Labrie, John Adams, and Steve Schulten, got together and had a certificate made up nominating me official Pomeroy Cove Harbormaster! They even had the Governor of New Hampshire sign it! What a really cool thing for them to do!

Memorial Day weekend, 1999:
The launching of my 1957 15' Lone Star 20hp Mariner: Pride 'n Joy!

Pride 'n Joy Launch
Finally, I'm done with all the scraping, sanding, and painting. Pride 'n Joy is ready!

Pride 'n Joy Launch
Steve Schulten artfully backs his truck up to the Hilton Park boat launch...

Pride 'n Joy Launch
"Just about deep enough!" I call out as dad gets ready to push the boat off the trailer...

Pride 'n Joy
"She's clear!"
Now... where's mom?

Pride 'n Joy Launch
It's all over now except the fun! We're off!!!

Pride 'n Joy Launch
Dad and I pulling up to the dock.

More pictures...

Pride 'n Joy being towed
Wellllll.... sometimes there are problems. Towing the Pride 'n Joy across Pomeroy Cove to my friend Steve's for engine work.

Pride 'n Joy sunk!
In fact, some problems are bigger than others: 10/09/99 a seam let go on the Pride 'n Joy and down she went.

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