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1998 — 2000

Christmas, 1998:
Certificate signed by the Governor!
Three of my neighboors: Bob Labrie, John Adams, and Steve Schulten, got together and had a certificate made up nominating me official Pomeroy Cove Harbormaster! They even had Governor Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire sign it! What a really cool thing for them to do!

Marissa and me at the Maine Conservation Camp in Bryant Pond, Maine Summer of 1999. We spent a week doing all kinds of cool stuff.

Colin and Sheena
Sheena and me in my tent. We spent quite a few nights camping out together in the back yard this summer.

This is one that didn't get away! Steven and I made sure of that!

Ready for drill
Heading out for weekly Sea Cadet drill at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

Out of water...
Well, here I come at the last minute! It's the final seconds of Labor Day 1999 and I have almost run out of water- the tide is so far out I have to row in and hope I don't run aground! I didn't...

Colin and Sheena
Sheena and me playing in the leaves in the front yard in the Fall of 1999. My hair still hasn't grown out from Sea Cadet boot camp this past summer. I wonder if it ever will...

My first boat
Here is my first command! I must have been about 8. Took me three years to wear this one out, but I did! Marissa doesn't have an expression of total confidence, does she?

Current Picture
Dad, Colin, Marissa, and Colin's friend Sean at Portsmouth Harbor Aug. of 2000 for the 75' viking ship visit.

Colin and Sean
It was raining and cold but that didn't stop Sean and I from camping out in August of 2000! Well... camping "in"!

Here I am pulling up to the dock after taking the Snow Day out for her first spin around the bay of the season 04/21/01.

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