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I started this website back in the late 1990s as a way for friends to keep up with our activities. Since then, it has expanded in many ways beyond a few, simple pages of content.

The web has grown into a real global community. It's a great place to gather and keep up with what's happening in each others lives. I've met a lot of great folks from all around the world because of this site, and look forward to meeting many more. And no, I do not have, nor do I intend to have, accounts with: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

This isn't a web blog with interesting things being written about. It's just a way for me to record the ordinary things going on in our lives. I enjoy writing, and so this is more of a relaxing escape for me from my busy work life than it is to provide witty entertainment for casual visitors. On the other hand, if you are looking for truly sleep inducing reading, then you might find these ramblings helpful....

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Special 2017 Note: I have recently caught up on some of the activities from October through December so will leave these posts up for a week or so before sweeping them off to the archives page. Of particular note is the 10/14/16 entry: Sue's Aunt Carol Accepted to Mayflower Society!


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I'm sorry, but many times I get far behind in creating and posting the detail page and corresponding pictures that go along with an event entry. Bear with me as I try to keep up with these postings....

09/30/16: 2016 Annual Karate Disciple Retreat
My 2016 Annual Karate Disciple Retreat started Friday morning 09/30/16 at 8:00am and continued until Sunday at noon. Current Picture As usual, it was a pretty intense and demanding series of presentations and discussions.

Friday night we had a simple spaghetti dinner, but Saturday night, everyone pitched in starting around 5:00pm to help prepare a lemon chicken meal on a bed of thyme steamed rice with sides of sauted mushrooms and green beans with onion and squash.

Because of the scope of discussions that I wanted to have over the three days, I had created and printed up a 30 page study guide for everyone. That way, they could all follow along as I worked my way through the material.

10/07/16: Columbus Day Weekend
Sue and I headed out around 9:00 am Saturday morning 10/07/16 to check out the foliage. Though it began to cloud in late afternoon, Current Picture it was a bright sunny day while we were out.

We didn't have any particular agenda for the trip in mind when we set out; just to "...head north".

We took Route 4 out to the Lee Traffic Circle to get coffee - a critical component of any trip - before continuing through Northwood, up Main Street, and north on Route 107 into the Pittsfield, NH area.

We wandered around on the back roads through Gilmington, down to Loudon, and then back up through Canterbury where we stopped at the Shaker Village for lunch. From there, more wandering the back roads until we ended up in the Belmot area. From there, we drove Route 140 East, eventually hooking up onto Route 126 and 9 back home to Dover just after 3:00 pm; about a 6 hour adventure!

Sunday broke with a chilly drizzle that kept up most of the day. Sue was off early for a yoga class, and then to meet up with Lucas for lunch in Epping. After shopping for the pork roast with vegitables in a curry cream sauce I was fixing for dinner, I hauled in some wood from the garage and built a fire in the fireplace; our first of the season.

After catching up on getting some of her photography ready for a show at the Dover Library this coming November, Sue wanted to get an early start on our weekly backgammon series. The fire was a nice touch as a cold drizzle continued through the night. I'm not so sure about my vegitable dish, but at least the movie of the night, the 2016 Me Before You, was good!

We woke up Monday, Columbus Day (and from what I'm hearing, there's a movement on to rename this day to People's Day), to clear skies and bright sun. At 39 degrees, though, just a little cold to be Current Picture rushing out to go kayaking. So, we had eggs and sausage with coffee while we waited for the sun to warm things up a bit.

By 1:30pm when we hit the beach at the Piscassic Street boat launch in Newmarket NH the temp was up to a nice 55 plus degrees. We hadn't been to the left of the launch, so we first paddled over to and then under the old railroad bridge before reversing and heading up river.

Though it was really windy, the wind was up in the trees so paddling was fairly easy going both out and then back. We only stopped briefly at the active railroad bridge about half way along. We were surprised that none of the leaves had changed along that branch at all! Last year when we paddled up there at this time, they were spectacular!

Somewhere around 2:30pm we just coasted along and enjoyed a small sandwich, fresh grapes, and some water that Sue had packed for lunch. Again, just surprising how few leaves had changed. More surprising was that some of those had almost even browned out. Very strange. But a great day on the river on a spectacular Fall day; just perfect!

We got home around 4:00pm, changed up, and then sipped a little wine and played backgammon, watching another fire that I had lit in the fireplace. The temps were dropping, and by evening were probably in the mid 40s. A nice relaxing evening!

10/14/16: Out To See Play
After swining out to Newmarket, NH to look at a cute (but in need of major renovations) farm house, Sue and I drove over to Rollinsford, NH to the Garrison Players Playhouse to see their marvelous production of Little Old Ladies In Tennis Shoes. I just love community theater, and this was a wonderful play.

10/14/16: Sue's Aunt Carol Accepted to Mayflower Society
The Mayflower Society is a hereditary organization of individuals who have documented their descent from one or more of the 102 passengers who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620 at what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Society was founded at Plymouth in 1897.

The primary goal of the Society is to educate the public about the role of the Pilgrims in the early history of what would later become the United States of America. There are Mayflower societies in all 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and Canada.

According to Wikipedia, Richard Warren (c. 1578–died c.1628) was one of the passengers on the Pilgrim ship Mayflower and a signer of the Mayflower Compact.

Current Picture

Current Picture

10/15/16: Hunter's Moon Photography Adventure!
Sue came flying home from her trip up to Ossipee, NH 10/15/16, threw her camera gear into the car, and announced a great new full Hunter's Moon Photography Adventure!

Off we went, down to almost the end of Back River Road at Route 4. She had me pull over, almost opening the door before the car had stopped. Current Picture And off into the weeds she went, camera and tripod slung over her shoulder, flapping obligingly behind her.

After about 10 minutes, just as the sun was setting and the moon was fully crested over the tree line, she came running back to the car. "Wagon Hill!" she chirped. "Quick!"

We skidded into the parking area, Sue jumped out immediately, and we were off! After taking quite a few shots, she wandered back to join me on the path. "Okay, that's it," she sighed. It's always fun to go on a photography adventure with Sue because you just never know what you're going to get into or see!

We came back to the condo, had some wine, and played backgammon until we grabbed some dinner.

10/29/16: Dinner and a Play
Sue had spent the day framing about 8 of the remaining photographs she will be exhibiting at the Dover Library starting next month. There's still more work to do, but she stopped around 4:00pm so we could relax with a glass of wine and play some backgammon, which is a good thing.

She had humiliated me last week with 2 days of keeping me 30 points down. Though I'm seeing some respite this week as I'm up about 15 points, it's been a struggle. These are huge scores as we're usually only putting up 4 to 6 points over about a dozen games a session. So, a little wine and backgammon to work my way back up from despair was welcomed!

We went to an early dinner at Telly's Restaurant & Pizzeria in Epping, NH Saturday evening. It was the first time that I had been there, and I'm glad that Sue suggested it. I had a wonderful Veal Saltimbocca, and saw some other entries on the menu that I'd like to come back for.

We had gone to dinner early as I had got tickets for us to see Frank Kapra's terrific play "It's A Wonderful Life" at The Leddy Center in Epping, NH. I've watched the TV/VHS/DVD James Stewart and Donna Reed version every year for as long as I can remember, but this is the first time that I've been to a live performance of it. And it was... well, wonderful!

11/05/16: Annual U.N.H. Walkabout!
Every Fall for the last 40+ years I've taken a Fall walk around the U.N.H. campus in beautiful Durham, NH. With Sue and I looking for a new home to possibly move to, this may be Current Picture the last year I'm able to do this.

Each year for far longer than I can find pictures for, I've taken a shot of the big tree out in front of the Old Main building. Sometimes it's been very sunny, others it's been cloudy or raining. Sometimes, I've even walked around in a little snow, which is rare because I usually make this trek right after "Full Leaf Season" so that I can kick through the piles of beautifully hued fallen leaves that cover the campus grounds.

I was a little late this year by just a week. We had some very hard storms with high winds that knocked a lot of the leaves down last week, so many of the trees were fairly barren. But Sue and I really enjoyed our short, but leisurely casual, walkabout.

11/08/16: New Business
I have been a student of the financial markets for over 30 years. This has been mostly from a programmatic view, writing thousands of lines of computer simulation and analysis code, though I've done my share of trading along the way as well.

However, in 2007 I discovered the FOREX Foreign Currency Markets, a $5 Trillion Dollar a day market that absolutely dwarfs all other markets combined. I actually started live trading in 2012, successfully blowing up 2 real accounts and many simulated accounts since.

I had to build a web site a couple of years ago for managing my trades and doing metrics analysis of all of the transactions. It was just for my own use at the time, but it has since blossomed into a rather substantial, full-featured, business application. I also built a few page website for the company I had formed for my trading, Longwood Currency Trading.

I've had an enormous amount of fun, particularly over the last 4 years, building my skills in currency trading. So, I just decided that instead of keeping all of this to myself, I'd go ahead and formalize my new business by publishing the Longwood Currency Trading site. I'm sure that and my continuing work with the Rose School of Karate will keep me quite busy in retirement!

11/13/16: Super Moon Photography Adventure!
Sue and I piled into the car late Sunday afternoon 11/13/16 Current Picture to catch the Super Moon, a moon larger than any since 1948!

Our original plan was to drive out to Adams Point. But as we drove across the Route 108 bridge in Durham, the moon was quite high in the sky.

We figured it would take us too long to get all the way out to Adams Point, and so we swung around and drove to Jackson's Landing just past the Route 4 and Route 108 overpass.

Current Picture

Good decision because the moon was still tucked below the tree line in the distance, just radiating itself through the branches as it rose in the background.

It was fairly chilly, and we sort of stomped around waiting for it to start its crest of the tree line so Sue could get the shot she was envisioning.

But the wait and the cold were well worth the experience of seeing this amazing site!

11/19/16: Visiting Sue's Brother
Sue and I drove up to the Lakes Region Hospital in Laconia after Sue got out of work on Friday to see her brother Alan. He just had surgery, and we wanted to be with him for a couple hours.

We had been kidding him about food because he wasn't allowed any. Sue tried to distract him, but no matter what she said, he'd come back relating the word or topic to food. It made us so hungry, that after leaving the hospital around 7:00pm we had a marvelous dinner at the Italian restaurant Fratello's in downtown Laconia.

Though things had gone well, the doctors had decided to keep him a little longer, and so we drove back up to see him again on Saturday as well. It was evening again when we left, and Sue suggested burgers at The Holy Grail in Laconia. Neither of us had been to that one; only the one in Epping. So, that was not only a nice change, but I had what I think is one of the best burgers I've ever had!

On both trips, we took the more scenic drive up on Route 107. Though the leaves had mostly browned and fallen, it's always a beautiful drive that way. No matter the particular stage the leaves are in, Fall in New England is just magical!

11/24/16: Thanksgiving!
We went up to join Sue's family in Tamworth, NH for Thanksgiving. For me, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It combines all of the best things about life: Current Picture family, great food, and wiling away several hours watching football.

This was a particularly important family gathering because of the recent passing of Sue's mother, and a serious surgery that her brother had just been through the week before.

It was a marvelous drive up. Just as we headed north on Route 16 out of Dover, it began to spit just a little snow. The further north we got, the more it snowed. It was just beautiful, and a perfect backdrop to the start of our Thanksgiving day!

By the time we stopped for coffee and gas at the Irving station in Union, there was just enough snow coming down to coat the sides of the road and grass. I hadn't expected this, but it just gave the trip a special sense for me, as well as the meaning this particular holiday had for us.

This was an important gathering for us because of Sue's mom's passing not too long ago. But rather than dwelling on the loss, everyone cherished the memories and celebrated a day together.

While Jeff and I, and a changing cadre of others passing in and out, watched football, Sue and most everyone else worked their magic creating crafts on the dining room table after the food had all been cleared off and put away.

11/25/16: Friday Night Pizza Party!
After Sue got home from work Friday, Colin and Ren, and Ren's mom came over for a pizza party!

It's not like we needed pizza after having stuffed ourselves the day before! The point was just to get together with them, and share some time for the holiday.

11/26/16: Another Thanksgiving Dinner
I had wanted to fix a turkey this year for Thanksgiving, and so we decided that Saturday 11/26/16 would be a good day to do it!

As I didn't have to start my prep work until around 1:30pm, Sue and I drove over to Wentworth Gardens in Somersworth, NH to get some greens for a project she had in mind. The air was crisp outside, and so the warmth of the greenhouse and its smells were so inviting as we pushed through the entry doors. I always enjoy wandering around there, looking at all of the clever designs and beautiful plants.

As I got the butter, garlic, and herb rub for the turkey ready, Sue put the stuffing together so that it could go into the turkey for the first searing. She also readied the butternut squashes and wrapped them in aluminum foil. They would go into the oven for the last hour the turkey cooked.

I was doing the turkey the way Master Chef James Haller from the former Blue Strawberry Restaurant in Portsmouth, NH had taught me back in the late 1970s: 45 minute uncovered sear at 525 F, then a few hours sealed in aluminum foil at 450 F after soaking a layering of cheesecloth with Burgundy, and hitting it again about every 45 minutes or so. It's a wonderful recipe, and the turkey comes out so moist and tender.

Well, we got that all going successfully just before Sue's brother Alan, his wife Joann, and their daughter Tracy arrived. They scooped Sue up, and off they went to see Sue's photography exhibit at the Dover Public Library. They had wanted to come down to see it before her month long show ended in a few days.

I stayed home to monitor the turkey process, take care of the periodic basting, and sipping the wine to make sure it was not going bad or anything.

When everyone returned, the girls dropped Sue and Alan off and then headed off shopping. We had invited everyone to stay for dinner, but they were so stuffed from Thursday that they opted just to shop. But continuing the party with us was no problem for Alan, so we set a place for him at the table, and had a lovely chat with him until dinner was ready at just after 6:00 pm.

It was a long day, but I had such fun cooking! But still a long day. After Alan left, Sue and I dropped onto the sofa and watched the really wonderful 2016 movie, Genius, staring Colin Firth as Max Perkins's, the book editor at Scribner who oversaw the development of the works of Thomas Wolfe, played by Jude Law.

11/27/16: Casual Sunday Afternoon Visit to Hamilton House
Sue and I thought it would be nice to take a drive out to the historic Hamilton House in Current Picture South Berwick, ME 11/27/16 just to catch the last of the late fall views.

We love the Hamilton House with it's beautiful grounds, gardens, and trails into the Vaughan Woods Memorial State Park. The house itself is the former home of a merchant ship captain, and can be toured in season.

We must go out there 4 or 5 times during the year. Sometimes just to wander around, and other times where Sue will power walk the trails while I sit in a chair on top of the hill overlooking the Salmon Falls River.

Current Picture

On this particular day, there was a remaining veil of mist and fog that clutched at the tree tops; just spectacularly pretty to be a part of. We didn't stay long as there was a nip in the air and we really didn't have time to walk the trails to warm up.

Instead, we headed home where I got a nice fire going in the fireplace, and we settled into the warmth it threw off into the room.

12/03/16: To Laconia With a Touch of Snow
Up at 5:30am Saturday morning to get up to Laconia. I had asked if I could be any help at my student Russ Jones grand opening of his Sachem Health Center in downtown Laconia, NH. He invited me to teach an adult karate class at 9:00am and then assist with his kids class at 10:00am.

Well, the drive up was really pretty. Current Picture I took Route 9, branched off onto Route 126, and then worked my way onto Route 107 North. And going through Gilmington, NH around 7:15am there was frost on the sides of the road and just a little snow accumulation on the ground.

There was a good turnout for both the adult and the kids classes, and we were pretty busy all morning. Russ had some lunch brought in for everyone, and I stayed until 12:30pm when I had to drive over to Gilford, NH (about 20 minutes) to take a look at a house for sale.

I got home around 3:00pm, got some business busy-work done, and then chatted with my brother Alan about a recipe from our mom that I was fixing for Sue and me for Sunday night.

By the time all of that got squared away, I wasn't really in a mood to fuss over dinner, so I just poured a glass of Cabernet and heated up spaghetti left-overs from Friday evening.

I was pretty beat though from an early rise and busy day, and so I started the movie of the night, Stanley Kubrick's 1968 classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey. I have to watch this movie once every 3 years or so, and since Sue had headed off Friday after work for RI to spend the weekend with her daughter Jill, it was an opportune time for this as she is just not a fan.

12/04/16: Dinner From the Past!
For dinner tonight I fixed my mom's recipe for Chicken Tetrazzini. When I was growing up, this was a huge favorite of mine. it's surprising because I was such a picky eater until experiencing the joys of dorm food at college.

I had searched through all of the recipes that I had from her, but couldn't find it. I called my brother Alan, and he had it. He read it to me over the phone Saturday evening, and then Sunday I created it here for Sue and I for the first time. Well, my mom's version of it, anyway. And it was terrific and just about as good as I remember hers! Just about....

12/10/16: Christmas Tree Search
Colin and Ren came by and picked us up late morning 12/10/16 to go on a hunt for Christmas Trees. But, before doing that, we were up and out the door at 7:30am with Tom to drive up to Alton, NH to have a second viewing of a house we were interested in.

I had been up to look at it Thursday morning, and had enough interest that I wanted Sue to have a look. It was a bank foreclosure sale, and the house was just really beat — probaly forty-thousand worth of work to do, and not a very 'cute' place at all.

But it did have many of the characteristics that we are looking for. Not sure the good points outweigh the negatives on this one, however. And to make things just that much more confusing, we did a drive-by of another house Sue had seen - an old 1775 antique cape on almost 3 acres that really looks appealing....

We got back home around 11:00am and had just about enough time to get some busy-work done by the time Colin and Ren arrived. They were getting their tree as well, so Colin had hooked up a

We drove up to Straffod, NH to go to the 'cut down your own' tree farm we went to last year. Though cold, the sun was out so we took the scenic way up Routes 9 and 126 into Strafford, and then up around the east side of Bow Lake.

But when we got there, we found out that they had switched to a process where you had to have already tagged your tree.

Colin and I both remembered seeing a sign along the road not far back advertising trees. So, Colin impressed us with his backing up and turning around with a flat bed trailer banging around on the back of his truck, and off we went to find the place.

We remembered all of the logging equipment and stacks of trees there, so it was easy to find it again: Hickory Hill Farm and Leighton's Christmas Trees (Steve Leighton is the owner).

What a terrific place, and the views are just spectacular! We made short work of selecting our trees, loading them onto the flat bed, and strapping them down.

Current Picture Current Picture

Current Picture

When we got home, Sue gathered up all of the decorations and we strung the lights onto the tree. Here I am in a forced pose in mid-light-hanging-style holding a cast of Mia's hand that Marissa had given us last year. Wonderful....

Current Picture

12/11/16: To Laconia for Black Belt Exams
Several of my black belt level students and I drove up to my disciple Master Russ Jones' club early Sunday morning. I was sitting on the exam board for 3 of his students who were taking their Pending Black Belt exams. It was a long day: exams began at 8:00am and didn't conclude until almost 6:00pm.

12/13/16: Early Morning Property Viewing
Sue had seen a listing for a 1775 antique cape in New Durham, NH that looked really interesting. I asked my student, friend, and real estate agent Tom Toye of Arthur Thomas Properties if he could arrange an early morning showing so that Sue could get back in time to head off for work.

Current Picture

Sue took this picture of a wreath hanging on the barn. Terrific house on almost 3 acres with a huge detatched 2 story barn. We loved it so much we put a purchase offer in for it!

12/17/16: Strawbery Banke Annual Candlelight Stroll
After getting about 5 inches of snow during the day Saturday, Sue and I drove to Portsmouth, NH's Strawbery Banke for their annual Candlelight Stroll at 5pm.

Current Picture

What a spectacular and wonderful experinece that was! Be sure to check out Sue's pictures because it doesn't get any more 'Winter in New England' than this!

12/18/16: Typical New England Winter Sunday
Woke up Sunday morning to a slushy, frozen, biting cold, and misty-sleeting day. Other than that: I love it!

It was a terrific day to just sit in the library, watch the weather, and catch up on accumulated 'stuff'.

For dinner, I fixed my mom's Spanish Paella recipe. We had a bottle of wine one of my students gave us for a gift, sat by the nice fire 'city-boy' made, and battled it out over the backgammon board so I could try to pull out of the week's 19 point hole that Sue has thrown me into.

12/20/16: To Laconia to Teach Advanced Karate Class
Several of us drove up to my disciple Master Russ Jones karate club in Laconia, NH Tuesday 12/20/16. We were originally supposed to be having a brown belt level exam for 2 folks, but circumstances prevented that from happening until a later date.

But I had said that I would be up there at 7:00pm, and so up we all went! But what a drive! There was a 3 car pile up on the Spaulding Turnpike just before Exit 9 that had traffic backed up to a crawl all the way down to the Portsmouth Traffic Circle.

It took us what seemed like forever to get through that, but despite the delay we almost made it on deck on time! I mistakenly directed Tom to take the wrong turn to the club almost right by the location, and so it took us about 4 minutes to swing around.

After class, Master Jones, Tom, and I headed over to CJ's in Laconia for a beer and burger.

12/24/16: Busy Christmas Eve Day and Dinner
It was a busy but wonderful Christmas Eve day and evening for us this year for sure! Christmas Eve day Sue thought it'd be nice to take a drive for a photography adventure. Current Picture Except it wasn't.... the fog, which could have provided a great backdrop to some sort of winter scene, just didn't reveal itself.

When we got back home, I got a fire going in the fireplace and put on the 1946 movie classic It's a Wonderful Life - more for background than full attentive watching.

I started chopping and dinner food prep just after 4:00pm. I was fixing my mom's Spanish Paella again, and I wanted to have all of that done by the time the kids came around 6:00pm.

12/25/16: Christmas in Rochester and Effingham
Sue and I spent Christmas morning sharing our gifts before heading out for Christmas in Rochester and Effingham.

Marissa had invited us over to her house at 1:30 Christmas Day, sort of staging in the large number of people that were going there over a few hours time.

Current Picture

We left at 2:30 so we could get up to Sue's brother Alan's house in Ossipee before dusk. She and Alan then went over to lay a wreath Sue had made onto their mom's grave. By the time they got back to the house, the place was filled with family.

Current Picture

It was a wonderful time of chaos and sharing, little ones scrambling all over the place and the smells of cooking and baking filling the house. It was 9:30 by the time we headed out into the cold night air for home, but smiles and memories of the day warmed us both physically and emotionally.

12/26/16: Final House Evaluation
Tom picked us up at 9:20 to head up to the Berry Road house for a second showing. None of that could happen, of course, without first stopping along Route 11 for coffee! It's a ritual. And a necessity!

It was really cold out, but the house was warm and inviting as Tom, Sue, and I went through in detail each major part of the restoration work that we thought we'd want to have done in order to accomodate our particular life style.

It was amazing, but as we were finishing up I noticed that we had been there for over 2 hours! Not that there's that much to do. I'm just not familiar at all with this sort of thing, and so Tom was very patient with me as he explained the various options and approaches needed to accomplish the work.

After getting home, we had to go shopping for the dinner Sue was making: a winter mushroom cream soup. While she visited with her friend Norah and took a short walk in the brisk air, I did all of the prepwork. After Sue got back, I got a fire going in the fireplace, she put all the ingredients together, and it became soup! While that cooked slowly in the pot, we played several sets of backgammon while listening to a Ray Charles CD that I had gotten for Sue for Christmas as well as a Keith Urban CD she had gotten for me.

The soup was wonderful! She had paired it with a salad of mixed greens, berries, and feta cheese that just really complemented the meal. After cleaning up, I threw a couple more logs on the fire, and we watched the amazing 2015 movie The 33.

12/29/16: New Home Under Contract!
After going back and forth with the seller's of the home in New Durham, NH, Sue and I finalized the purchase and sales contract on 12/29/16 by accepting their very fair counter offer.

Current Picture

The home is a 2 story 1775 post and beam antique cape, 1,254 sq feet, 2 bed, 1 bath (that I'll be adding a shower to), on 2.7 acres with a detached 2 story barn, paved parking area, with the grounds themselves containing ample garden space, a detached screened gazebo, a small tool shed, and a tree house. It also includes private beach access and boat launch at nearby Merrymeeting Lake.

12/31/17: New Year's Eve
What a grand time we had New Year's Eve! We had invited my 30+ year karate disciple Master Tim House and his wife Shodan Cindy House over for dinner.

We all worked together and made homemade Current Picture pasta from scratch, and a rich Bolognese sauce, along with an Italian blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry lemon parfait desert to die for that Sue had made earlier in the day.

Tim and Cindy left around 10pm, and after watching a couple of saved shows, we did stay up to see the ball drop.

But we were really, really pooped out by then and were in bed 3 minutes after that.

Happy New Year!

01/01/17: New Year's Day
Sue headed out early New Year's Day to help her brother with work at their mom's house in Tamworth, NH.

I manned the fort until she called around 4:00pm saying she was on the road back and needed a party. Earlier in the week she had bought some cod, so I suggested perhaps some sort of curried cod and shrimp meal for dinner.

After running out to the store to get some additional items for dinner, I made a fire in the fireplace and started food prep work just as Sue was getting home.

I lit the fire and opened a bottle of Kendall-Jackson Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay that my karate disciple Master Tim House and his wife Shodan Cindy House had brought us the night before when they came to dinner.

01/02/17: Star Wars: Rogue One, Baby!
I don't care how old you are, these Star Wars movies are just really good entertainment. And this one was no different; just great fun.

Sue and I had planned to stop by a crafts store in Newington, NH, and then take a short walk at Wagon Hill before heading over to the show at Barn-Zs Theater in Barrington, NH. Nice thought....

Not only was the mall parking lot jammed, but it took us 3 lights just to make the turn off of Gosling Road into the complex. I let Sue run into Michaels while I waited outside in the car. It wasn't too long before she came out frustrated that the checkout lines were so long that she just didn't feel like waiting.

Great. So we head off to Wagon Hill park, which is just off Route 4 on the way to Durham, NH, to take a short power walk. But as soon as I pulled the car onto the access road, all you could see was parked cars. People were everywhere! What a zoo!

We didn't even stop. I just turned around, and we headed off to Barrington for the movie as it was now alreay 2:45pm and the show was at 3:30pm. Sue just had to do some walking, and so we did a very fast paced loop around the little plaza where the theater is located. Not enough, but enough to at least say we got some waling in for the day!

After getting home and catching up on emails and 'stuff', we had a glass of wine, and spaghetti and meatballs while playing several sets of backgammon. Then it was just some lazy tv before turning in as Sue has an early call for work tomorrow. She's changing her schedual from 5 days to 3 very long days per week; it's going to be a cold and dark 5:00am rise for her tomorrow!

I'm not getting a very good start to the backgammon battles in the new year here. Yesterday, I was down 4 points, and today all I could do after something like 12 games was come up 1 point to still be down 3 for the week so far. We play from Thursday to Wednesday as our week, and run cumulative scores for the week. We play about 3,000 games a year and it's nothing short of fierce competition.

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