Rose School of Karate

11/30/17 Joint Brown Belt Exam

C&S Self Defense Members, and Friends,

Congratulations to RSK members Steve Shackford and Tom Toye for an outstanding job demonstrating their skills at a 3rd Degree Brown Belt Exam held Thursday evening 11/30/17 at Master Timothy House's Tai Chien Dojo in Durham, NH.

This was a joint exam for Steve and Tom with students from Master Russel Jones Sachem Self Defense School of Laconia, NH. Also demonstrating not only great skills, but true grit and determination during the almost 3 hours of demanding work were: Kaylee Smith, Michael Mott, and Luke DeRoche.

Achieving Brown Belt rank is a very big deal in a student's martial arts journey. In our association, this level marks entrance into the Advanced Ranks of training, and is the reason the exam itself is so tough. Anyone who is able to push through the rigors of this exam, and in particular the outside self defense portion where single, and multiple attack situations are thrown at the student, as well as dealing with several rounds of live knife and club attacks, anyone who can stand tall during all of this proves their readiness to enter into advanced training.

Congratulations to Steve and Tom of the Rose School of Karate, and to Kaylee, Michael, and Luke of the Sachem Self Defense School for your achievement!

Master Rose

Current Picture

Steve Shackford, Kaylee Smith, Michael Mott, Tom Toye, and Luke DeRoche

*** More pictures will be posted as they become available.

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