Ship's Log of Linnet's Wings
for the sailing year 2004

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01/11/04 - Sunday
0230 - Great Bay Marine, Newington, NH on winter jack-stands
Happy New Year!  Well, we have a bit of a break in the snow so I thought I'd head over and clean Linnet's Wings cabin up. Colin did not have time to clean things up from some of the interior work he had been doing toward the end of the year, and it just looked a mess. I just couldn't stand letting Linnet's Wings stand there in the yard all winter a mess!

Didn't take me long. Hauled out couple bags of trash and stowed all the gear that was laying around. She looks pretty good now.



02/01/04 - Sunday
0330 - Great Bay Marine, Newington, NH on winter jack-stands
Tarp Repair!  We have had some brutal weather over the last few weeks. There was a week where many days the temp was 20 and 30 degrees below zero with the wind chill, and there was a rugged Nor'easter that blew through followed by a couple of days of heavy wind.

Colin had driven by Linnet's Wings and saw that the tarp covers had been blown around with one totally ripped off. So we drove over today and Colin climbed up on deck and secured all loose ends. First fairly nice day we have had in a long time - temp was up in low 30s. We thought we were having a heat wave!


02/08/04 - Sunday
1030 - Great Bay Marine, Newington, NH on winter jack-stands
Tarps Blown Out Again!  Colin and I were just over at Great Bay Marine checking on Linnet's Wings. Tarps are all blow to hell; have to fix them again sometime when it's warmer!

I have never seen the bay so rough - waves coming from two different directions with spume flying all over the place and must be running 40 mph steady as I could hardly walk out on the jetty to get a better view. Then when I got out there, the wind just blew so hard my eyes teared so couldn't see anyway.



03/21/04 - Sunday
0530 - Great Bay Marine, Newington, NH on winter jack-stands
Mud Bowl!  Colin had to run over to Great Bay and get the battery tester out of Linnet's Wings locker. He had to put his truck into 4-wheel drive to get out of the mud! It is awful!

Yesterday was the first of Spring, but we just had a major Nor'easter dump 6" on us (some parts got over a foot!). It is slowly melting, but less than 30 days from now is supposed to be the start of the boating season and we're still shuffling through snow! And where the snow has melted, the mud is fierce.

Anyway, Colin reports Linnet's Wings stands tall in her jack stands waiting for better weather so she can throw off the winter tarps.