Seacoast Backgammon Club Hi, and welcome to the Seacoast Backgammon Club! I guess I informally started the club back in 2004 with The Great 2004 Labor Day Backgammon Tournament and Spaghetti Feed. Many of us had been playing backgammon together casually for years as a way of just getting together every once in awhile, sharing some good times, conversation, and relaxing fun.

But with that get together, I began to become more involved in playing on a regular basis with many of my friends. Some of us play for a couple hours almost every week on Thursday nights starting around 9:00pm at various restaurants around the Seacoast area; many Friday and Saturday nights as well, if no one has anything going on. And I have had a get together backgammon and dinner party almost every month since that first party in 2004. In fact, the 07/28/07 The Great 2007 Late Summer Kickoff Backgammon Tournament And Pizza Mash was my 30th get together! Sometimes there are just two or three of us, and sometimes a dozen. But regardless of the number, it's always a good time.

Seacoast Backgammon Club Saturday night Nov. 19th I hosted The Great 2005 Thanksgiving Backgammon Tournament And Gobbler Bragging Rights! Because the holiday season for the next few months is going to have everyone busy, there were just a few of us to celebrate. Regardless, we had a lot of fun, but we played so much backgammon that some of the participants were "backgammoned out"! In this picture, I'm harassing Rick as my daughter moves in against him.

None of us play in any tournaments other than the combat fests we get together for. Oh, we're serious about the game, but not so serious that anyone cares to keep track of scores or ratings or any of that. We just love to play and have fun together.

However, that doesn't mean we're not competitive! In fact, we take great pride in all the trash talk going on between the players. It's all done in good fun, and it keeps anyone from taking the game — or themselves — too seriously. But the games can get pretty tense, and the verbal harassment going back and forth is more than some folks can take; passing a kidney stone might be considered a more pleasurable experience than playing backgammon with one of us.

Personally, I love backgammon. I consider it the ultimate game, even over chess or poker - both of which I have extensive experience in. And that's all I have to say about it. If you play backgammon, then you know what I'm talking about. If you don't play backgammon: you should; it's that much fun — more fun than humans ought to have, actually.

Backgammon is a unique mix of strategy, tactics, luck, and bravado all mixed together to challenge the competitor to their utmost. You are pushed to the max for an intense 8 to 15 minutes of all out battle.

If you enjoy backgammon, would like to learn how to play, or would like to know more about our group and how you might get involved, throw me an email and we can chat about the club.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting,